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4 Words that are key to the Problems of Violence in the World

June 28, 2016, 3:02 PM

Violence is everywhere.  Hatred is increasing.  Rhetoric and Political Maneuvering continue.

It seems that there are more voices than ever crying for the violence to stop.  Yet screaming insanely for a return to sanity doesn’t seem to solving any of the problems.  

The loudest voices are calling for gun control.  Remove the guns and we can remove or at least reduce the problem is the mantra.  Yet, in the places where there is the most gun control, it at least seems to be where there is at least as much violence as places where guns are rampant.  

But this is no a blog about the pro’s or con’s of gun control.  It is not about whether we should or should not have more in depth background checks.  It is not a discussion about what the founding father’s intention of the 2nd amendment was or was not.   

This is about the real root of the problem.  

There is a real problem in America, and it comes down to 4 words. 

Love - or lack of love to be more precise.  The Bible says to love one another.  Yet all we really do is love ourselves.  Think about it.

Apathy - Most people think hate is the opposite of Love but it is not.  Apathy is the opposite of love.  If it is not someone that we love, then we as a country and human race tend to be apathetic towards them.  

Think about it.  Generally speaking if a person is part of or associated with a particular demographic group, then they care; because they love them.  But if they are not part of that group then we generally speaking tend to be apathetic.

Hatred - When someone in a particular demographic determines that someone else not in their demographic is apathetic to them, then hatred can set in.  When hatred sets in then violence soon follows.  When hate turns to violence, we don’t need a gun to kill someone.  A gun is not the most dangerous of weapons…any weapon at your disposal in the hands of hate.  

Apathy is something we are born with, love is something we must learn to do or have our heart changed by God to do.  Hatred is the result of not learning to love. Hatred is also the result of Sin.  

Sin is something we are all born with and something that can only be removed by God.  It can only be removed by God when we are honest with God and turn only to God and ask for forgiveness of our sin.  We are commanded in the Bible to love one another.  To not love one another is to sin, love is only possible because of God.  God first loved us the Bible says.  He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die in our place and pay for our Sin.  He offers a free gift of salvation and a heart forever changed.  God offers this gift of salvation out of love with open arms.  But the world, and closer to home, in America we have now rejected God and hate anything to do with the God of the Bible.

All life is precious.  All lives matter.  Yet we are living in a generation who has not been taught the Love of God.  Because they have not been taught the love of God, we have never learned to love others and apathy has set in.  Now that apathy has set in, Hatred and violence has followed.  

Don’t you think it is time we started teaching the Love of God in America and the world?