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5 Things You Will Never Hear God Say #3

May 6, 2019, 12:00 PM

5 Things you will never hear God say in this life: 

1.  God will never say: I don’t love you

2.  God will never say: I can’t/won’t forgive you

3. God will never say:  Don’t Go to Chuch

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”  Hebrews 10:25

I have never been a person or a pastor that thinks that if you don’t attend all the services your church has each week, that you are a bad Christian. I have never thought if you miss occasionally it is the end of the world.  But I do believe that is important to go to church faithfully.  

Yet more and more we see people slipping out of going to church regularly.  Church attendance is down nearly everywhere in nearly every denomimination.  There are more and more excuses for not going to church.  There are also a number of professing Christians that see no need to have an excuse for not going to church.  

There is an old song that I used to hear on occasion growing up in church, and it started like this:

Excuses, excuses, you'll hear them every day.
And the Devil he'll supply them, if the church you stay away.
When people come to know the Lord, the Devil always loses
So to keep them folks away from church, he offers them excuses.

Some of the excuses where as follows:

In the summer it’s too hot....In the winter it’s too cold.  In the spring and the fall when the weather is just right, you find somewhere else to go.

The preacher he’s too young...or maybe he’s too old.

The sermon’s they’re too long...or maybe they’re too short.

While one of the children has a cold, "Pneumonia, do you suppose?"
Why the whole family had to stay home, just to blow that poor kid's nose.

It seems like today there are more reasons than ever to stay out of church.  Oh sure, we use some of those very same excuses, but there are new ones we use. 

The church is full of hypocrites...they sin just like everybody else. (tell me something I don’t know.  Even this preacher regrettably sins his fair share.  The church is not for the perfect but for the fallen.)

The church is organized religion and I am against organized religion.   (A proper church service is about coming together as a group of individuals to worship the true God and help you develope your relationship with Christ.  It is not about is about relationship and relationships with other believers.)

The church only wants to tell you what you can and can’t do.  I want to feel better about myself when I leave church, not worse. (Going to church is not about is to be about God.  If you want to feel good when you leave church, then agree with God and allow God to make the proper adjustments.  I promise if you do that you will “feel good” when you leave church.)

I don’t have time. (Most people have time for whatever is important to them. It is about priorities.)

I have talked to God about it, and He is okay with me not going to church.  (Actually the verse above says differently.  Where did you hear that God was okay with you not going to church?  Where in God’s Word do you find that?)

I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian?  (No, you don’t.  Going to church does not make you a Christian, and going to church does not mean you are going to be a good Christian.  But if you are a Christian you aught to want to be around God’s word and God’s people.  You should want to worship Him.)

I could continue to list excuses and arguments against those excuses.  But I think the point is made.  There will always be excuses.  But that is all they are in most cases excuses.  

Are there times that there are legitimate reasons to not go to church?  Of course.  If you are sick or have to take care of someone who is sick, that is a legitimate reason.  Health and work schedules can keep someone from going to church. 

But here is the real question?  Those who have a legimate reason for not attending, still desire to attend.  It is not an excuse but a reality.  

No matter what the reason or excuse, the reality is this.  It is nearly impossible to grow as you should as a Christian without attending regularly a Bible believing, Bible preaching church.  

Statistics show, that those that do not attend church regularly also do not do other spiritual things regularly like: reading their BIbles, spending time in prayer, sharing their faith with others.  loving and helping the poor and needy, or ministering to their community and others they cross paths with.

Are there exceptions” Certainly, but they are far and few between.  

Without the support of the fellowship of other believers that make up the local church, one would miss out on the “iron sharpening iron” component of the Christian life.  Without the support of other believers there is a real danger of becoming more susceptible to sin, depression, and the wiles of the devil.  That does not mean that people in the church do not deal with these, but church is there as a support structure in time of need.  Church is to be a spiritual fueling station, as well an encouragement station, a spiritual strengthening station, and training station.

Church is to be a spiritual hospital for those in need and an equipping station for those to use gifts that God has given them.

Most importantly and primarily, church is a worship station.  A place where one can come together with the support of others and worship the God of the universe.  

There are more reasons to go to church than to stay out of church.  

Bottom line is that God knows your heart.  You may be able to give an excuse to your pastor, small group teacher or friend, but you won’t be able to have an excuse accepted by God.  

Although the church certainly does need your faithfulness and attendance, to receive a blessing as well as be a blessing, the Truth is that you need church more than the church needs you. 

Church aught to be a priority and certainly you will never hear God say:  It’s ok, don’t go to church...I don’t mind.