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A Heart for the Hurting and Needy

March 30, 2017, 3:21 PM

“Jesus Wept.” John 11:35

Two words that I never expected to hear or read.  I remember vividly as a child the first time I heard this verse.  I thought, “Jesus Cried?” 

Now as an adult, I am still shocked by them.  Not because I think Jesus was unfeeling, but because I know that the original audience of John, was primarily Greek.  The god’s weren’t supposed to show this kind of emotion towards their human subjects.  

But when I read this verse or hear these words, I am never able to keep from seeing an image of Jesus face, with tears streaming down it.  

What an image of a loving, compassionate Savior!

In context, Jesus probably wept for two reasons:

1.  He wept because his friends were grieving over the loss of Lazarus.  Jesus was not weeping because of the loss of Jesus, because He knew what He was going to do in raising him from the dead.  But he wept because he hurt at seeing his friends hurting.  He is an all feeling God that knows our pain and hurts with us when we endure difficulty.  

2.  He wept at the lack of faith of those around Him.  People were questioning why Jesus, a man who could heal the blind and make the lame walk again, would let someone he love die.  Yet Jesus knew the reality of what was about to happen.  He knew that by letting Lazarus die, that His miracle of raising him from the dead would be greater than any previous miracle of healing. 

We like Jesus must have compassion on the hurting and needy.  We must not allow ourselves to become cold to the hurts, pains, and troubles that are caused by sin and a world cursed by sin.  We like Jesus must act (according to the will of God) to do what we can to show the love and compassion of Christ.  

But we also must be moved to action by the lack of faith in God.  We must never grow cold to the greatest need this world has:  A saving Faith in a loving God.  Our actions and compassion must point to the Savior!  There is a reason we love.  There is a reason we care.  It is because God first loved us and sent His Son to die for us on the cross, and having been saved we are commanded to love others.  

Yes we must hurt and weep for those that are hurting.  But we must also hurt and weep for those that are in need of more than just physical healing, but a eternal spiritual healing that only Jesus Christ can give.