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A Life that Demonstrates Grace
March 14, 2016, 12:58 PM

As a Christian, the actions of our life aught to be permeated with kindness.  Kindness is love expressed in practical ways.  Intentionally putting others before yourself.  Intentionally considering what you can do to meet other peoples needs.  

We aught also to be tender-hearted, that is keenly sensitive of the feelings and needs of others.  Being tender-hearted means showing compassion to the people around around us.  If we are  tender-hearted we will feel the pain of others in their time of need and celebrate the victories of others in their time of triumph.  

Forgiveness must rule the day and the moment for the Christian.  It should be demonstrated by us because we have experienced the greatest measure of forgiveness the world can ever know:  The forgiveness of our sin by the only one who has the ability to forgive sins through His death on the cross; Jesus Christ.  We aught to demonstrate forgiveness readily to others in every instance because there is no instance worse than what ours was when Christ first loved us.  Even in our forgiveness we often rebel against the forgiving God and Creator who lovingly, patiently forgives us for all wrongs.  

The world aught to see in those of us who are believers in Christ, a life that demonstrates grace, because it may be the only demonstration of gray, love, kindness, forgiveness and tender-hearted compassion that they will ever know. It might just be that act of Grace that will lead them to ask why we have shown them that very kindness.  It is then that we can tell of a loving God and Savior who died for them and then they can know the greatest expression of love ever known.

It is this demonstration of grace that is so desperately in need of being experienced in a world so full of hate and wickedness.  

Today and ever day let your life demonstrate grace.  You never know how it might impact someone in need.

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