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A Parent's Desire

May 19, 2017, 11:08 AM

Parent, what are your desires for your children?

As a dad of three young children, I know all to well the desires of a parent.  There are many things that I want for my children.  I also recognize my responsibility in preparing them and aiding their development and shaping their lives to be successful in those desires as well as their own dreams.  

If I were to list out my desires for them the list would be include, but not be limited to:  Becoming loving, caring, responsible productive adults.  For them to be successful in whatever career or life path that they choose.  For them to be honest, moral, hard-working, and intelligent.  For them to be generous, compassionate and faithful individuals.  I hope that one day they will find the love of their life, raise their own children and teach them the same values.  I hope they dream big, and reach higher.  I hope they love as they have been loved and live life to the fullest, every day.  

But most importantly, since before they were born, I have hoped they would call on God for salvation.  Since they have all made that choice to give their heart to Christ, I pray that they will continue to grow in grace and faithfulness.  I desire that they will be a faithful servant of God, obeying His commands, will, and let Him have His way in every aspect of their life, for the rest of their lives.  I pray they will faithfully serve God and the church  I desire that they will teach their children to do the same.  

As a parent I desire that I will teach my children to “choose the better things.”

I believe that the most important role of the parent is to help their child come to a saving knowledge of Christ and raise them up in the ways of God.  

King David had a similar prayer:

“…give to my son Solomon a perfect heart to keep your commandments, Your testimonies and Your Statutes, and to do them all…”

 I Chronicles 29:19

Parent, do you see your responsibility in giving your children every stepping stone to the cross and paving the way for them to be a faithful believer and servant of God?  Would you include that in the desires and prayers of your heart for your children?  Will you take on the mantle of responsibility to raise them in “the ways they should go” so that they will choose Christ and follow him all the days of their life, just as you would otherwise raise them to be productive, profitable adults?  Do you see and understand that if no matter how successful you are at raising them to be self sufficient, productive grown-ups, and they miss the mark in learning to be faithful Christians, you have failed them?

Yes, I know that our children must choose Christ for themselves.  Yes I realize that we can do all that we can to show them the way and they ultimately must decide for themselves the direction they will go.  Yes I realize that no matter how faithful of Godly parent you are, they might go the opposite way that they should and it is heart breaking when they do.  

But if that happens do not give up on them or on the faithfulness of God.  Don’t cease to pray for them, or to be there for them and to remind them of a faithful loving God who is waiting for them with arms wide open.  

No matter the risk of heart break at their impending decisions that will have to be made, won’t you take every chance to give them every boost and stepping stool, or stepping stone possible to see the way to successful life, is to follow the way of Christ.

Won’t you make it your desire to see Christ and the faithful obedient life become their desire?