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A Penny' Worth of Thought: Finding Your Burning Bush Moment

March 5, 2015, 9:57 AM

Are you wanting God to speak to you?  Are you wanting and waiting for Him to show up in a miraculous way and show you His plan and will for your life?  

Are you looking and longing for a “Burning Bush Moment?”

Think about this:  When moses encountered God speaking to him out of a burning bush, He was not looking for a burning bush.  In fact when Moses first saw the burning bush he was just going about his life doing the mundane…tending sheep in a wilderness.

Realize that in of itself, a bush burning in the wilderness was nothing spectacular.  It was the fact that bush was burning but not burned up that caught Moses attention.

So often as Christians, and believers in Jesus Christ we spend so much time waiting for the Miraculous moment when God will show up that we miss what God is doing in our lives through the mundane things.  We miss God showing up in the little things and small ways every day.  We sometimes go to church hoping to hear God’s booming Charlton Heston-esque voice.  Or looking for a star to follow, a talking donkey, or a light from heaven during the week.  When none of those things happen we are saddened, disillusioned or frustrated.

May I remind you (as I often need reminded) that most often God does not speak to us through a burning bush or any of the other means I mentioned above.  Rather he most often speaks to us in a still quiet voice.  It usually happens as we seek him, as we meditate on His Word, as we keep in our thoughts while we are living out our rather mundane, ordinary lives.  

Remember that whether or not you hear Him, see Him, or sense Him; He is with you as long as you belong to Him.  He goes with you, guides you and if need be carries you.  

Sometimes He shows up in a miraculous way, he has in the past and He does today, but until then trust Him, and when you hear that quiet still voice, listen to Him and obey.  Always remember, even with Moses, God did not speak out of the burning bush until Moses had taken notice and was paying attention.  

Trust God today, give your life to Him today.  Call on Him today.  But keep on moving, living and listening as you go about your day.  

When you notice the still voice of God speaking to your heart and you listen and obey, it becomes a your burning bush moment.