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A Penny's Worth of Thought: How much of God do you want?

February 10, 2015, 9:03 AM

Consider the prayer of Moses in Exodus 33 and God's reply to Moses. (Paraphrased)

Moses:  Now therefore, I me now thy way, that I may know you, and that I may find grace in your sight.   Remember that we are your people.

God:  My presence will go with you....I know thee personally.

Moses:  God, show me your glory. I want to know you more.  I am begging you.

God:  I will make all my goodness pass before you...but I will protect you from seeing more than you can handle.  I will hide you in a cleft in the rock and I will cover you with my hand.  

Christian, do you want to know God like that?  Do I want to know Him like that?  

It has been said that we can have as much of God as we want, but our problem is that we just don't want that much.  We tend to want just enough to get us through or get Him or someone else off our back about it.  

Oh, that God would give us a desire to know Him!

I pray that God would give us a hunger and desire to know God in such a way that we would beg God to reveal more of Himself to us.  
If we do God will.  He did it for Moses.  He will do it for you.