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A Penny's Worth of Thought: What This World Need's Most

January 28, 2015, 9:02 AM

World peace, an end to poverty and hunger, a cure for cancer, aids, ebola and other diseases are all things to strive for.  We should work towards those ends, but that is not what the world needs most.

More generosity, less greed, greater love for others, less hate and an end to racism are all things we that should be sought after.  However, regardless of how badly these things are needed, they are not what the world needs most.

What this world needs most is not more well meaning, good intentioned people trying to do the best as they see fit.

What this world needs most, is for people’s eyes and hearts to be opened to a loving God.  He is the answer to all of this world’s needs.  

There is a remedy to all that ails this world:  His name is Jesus Christ.