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Are You Hearing God Speak?
February 4, 2016, 9:26 AM

Are you hearing God speak to you? Do you hear His voice?

There are really only 3 reasons you won't hear God.

1. You are not listening. We must listen to what God is saying, not just listen for what we want to hear. Maybe God is speaking but you are just not wanting to listen to what He has to say.

2. You have strayed in your walk with him. Christians are not perfect. There are times we stray or backslide on God. We shouldn't, and we don't have too, but sometimes we do. Rarely does God shout. He speaks in a still small voice. He want to draw you closer to Himself. If you can't hear Him get closer to Him, walk with Him and He you will hear His voice.

Or could it be...

3. You don't really know Him. You do not belong to Him. The bible says that those that belong to Him will know His voice (John 10:27). Ultimately if you can not hear God's voice it is because you are not belonging to God.

John 8:47

"He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God."

No matter the reason you are not hearing from God, you don't have to be afraid. God wants to speak to you. He longs to speak to you and demonstrate His love for you.

Whether it be that you are not listening, have backslid, or are not really saved, turn to Jesus Christ. He loves you and died for you so that you can have a relationship with Him.

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