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October 2, 2015, 1:46 PM

Take the Time to be Kind

Take time to be kind to someone today.  You may never know how badly they need your kindness.

In today’s world it seems everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere.  Rush here, race there, hurry up, remember we are taught time is money.  Usually we end up rushing around just so that we can hurry up and wait.  

Jobs, money, homes, cars, vacations, vacation homes, the gym, the store…rush, rush, rush.  Kids, kids school, kids sports, kids music, ballet, gymnastics, birthdays, parties and grades.  

Sometimes we hurry around so much to have things that we can enjoy, we never find the things that are supposed to be enjoying.

We are in such a rush to get where we are going that we miss the reason we are going and everything that happens and the people we pass while we are going there.  

Sometimes we hurry chaotically about accumulating all kinds of stuff and then realize we don’t even like the stuff we accumulated.   It is all a cacophony of noise and motion that causes us to miss out on what matter most.

Not only that but all the racing about, being miserable in the mean time and regretting what we did and who we did it with and why are killing our health.  

We are in such a rush we have not time for life, family, friends or most importantly God.  

The Bible says:

Surely every man walketh in a vain shew: surely they are disquieted in vain: he heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them. - Psalm 39:6

Maybe today we need to stop, slow down and breath.  Look around, take time for the what and who that really matter.  Make time for God and find the direction and path He would have you take.  Take time for those that He puts in your path.

Take time to show someone on your path some extra kindness.  God put you both there for a reason.  Maybe it is because you and the kindness you can show by the grace of God is exactly what that person needs.


September 30, 2015, 9:51 AM

Uprooting the Bitterness that is Choking Your Life.

Bitterness has an aggressive way of taking hold on your life.  When bitterness sprouts up in your life it will quickly take deep root in your heart and soul if you don’t eradicate it quickly.  

Hebrews 12:15 says:  “Make sure that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no root of bitterness springs up, causing trouble and by it, defiling many”

Bitterness occurs for many reasons.  It might be deep hurts you incurred as a child.  It might be from hurtful words or actions by family, a friend or co-worker. It might even be because of some circumstance or trial of life that you have had to live through.  Often times, the person or persons that has caused the hurt in your life is un-aware of the extent of the pain they in-advertantly caused.  

Time, rather than diminishing the pain, only seems to sharpen the hurt.  Like a weed in a garden it grows and spreads, choking out everything else in its path.  You find yourself rehearsing the cause of the bitterness over and over.  You find that it is difficult to let go and that you may even be unwilling to let it go.  Bitterness is easy to justify, and if you are not careful you can get used to a bitter heart and become comfortable with it.   But it will eventually destroy you.  

When dealing with bitterness deeply rooted in your life or the sprouts of bitterness quietly creeping up, remember that the grace of God is the tool for ridding yourself of it.  No area of your life is so painful that God’s grace cannot bring about total healing.  No area of offense against you is so terrible that God’s grace cannot enable you to forgive.  

When you allow bitterness to grow in your life you are rejecting the grace of God that can set you free.  Bitterness enslaves and is sin.  Don’t fall short in experiencing God’s grace nor demonstrating God’s grace to others.  

It is the Grace of God that will allow you to live in freedom, joy and peace.  

September 11, 2015, 1:01 PM

Never Forget - 9/11

It has been 14 years since that awful day.  

Chances are you have not forgotten where you were when you first heard of the attack on America, and the Twin Trade Center.  Chances are you remember sitting in front of your tv watching in horror what took place on that day.  It is good that you remember, for we must never forget that terrible tragedy.

But do we remember all that happened on that day and the days following?  Or have we forgotten?

Have we forgotten...The brave men and women of flight 93 and how they sacrificed their lives to save countless more.

Have we forgotten...That although nearly 3,000 died in those attacks, the number was predicted to much, much higher than that?

Have you forgotten...The selflessness and courage of Firefighters, police officers, first responders and others who sacrificed and put themselves in harms way for others during those days.  

Have you forgotten...All the miraculous stories of people who were not where they were supposed to be on that day.  They were late to work, sick, or missed a flight and their life was preserved?

Have you if only for a brief time, our congress and senate put aside their petty bickering and differences and sang “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps.

Have you forgotten...How if only for a brief time,  people who normally never go to church, went to church and were able to hear of the love of Christ who died to save.  

Have you forgotten...How if only for a short time, Americans came together.  Strangers became friends, and the display of patriotism was shown, flags flew high and we were proud to be Americans. 

Have you forgotten...How the hand of God, even in the midst of tragedy was shown and we were preserved from it being much, much worse.

Have you forgotten...How blessed by God we are to live such a great country.

We must never forget what took place on that day.  But we must never forget all that took place that day and the days following.  

August 10, 2015, 10:17 AM

Right Now!

When we hear (or read) the words “act now” many of us are put off by them.  We tend to ignore, delay, or procrastinate because, we will act when when we are good and ready.  

But when God calls us to action it is important that we respond in obedience immediately or we may miss an opportunity for ministry, an opportunity to be used and an opportunity both to be blessed and be a blessing.

Most Christians struggle not with whether they should obey God or nor, but rather many struggle with obeying immediately.  

 This is illustrated in Matthew 8:21

“And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, first let suffer me first to go and bury my father.”

Jesus had apparently called this man to be a devoted follower, but this man asked for time to take care of some other responsibilities first.  

Jewish tradition at this time taught that a person should take care of their elderly parents until they died.  It was a noble cause this man was asking time to complete.  Many times in the Christian life we are distracted and sidetracked from the call of God on our life by good, decent things.  Although there are many times we make excuses to delay our obedience, there are times when we simply pace other noble things before the cause of Christ.

Nothing should ever come before the call of Christ on your life.  If God calls you to a task you can rest assured he will take care of the other “noble things” that we feel responsible for.

An  opportunity to walk and work with God is one that should never be put off to another day.  

It is critical that we adjust our lives to match the plans of God, instead of trying to adjust the will of God to fit our lives and our schedule.  

God delights in blessing his children, and true blessing of God can only come when we walk in obedience.  The greatest blessing comes when we quickly respond in obedience to doing what He has called us to.  

When you say no to self and yes to God you will find it is the greatest and most rewarding time you will ever experience.

July 31, 2015, 11:40 AM

I didn't Plan It This Way

While teaching a series on the book of Jonah this past Wednesday we found Jonah asleep in the bottom of the boat while a storm raged on the sea threatening to sink the ship. 

On Sunday Mornings I am preaching through the Gospel of Mark. We are at the end of Chapter 4. What do we find? Jesus Asleep on a boat while a storm threatened to sink the ship. 

I didn't plan for the two to coincide. I did not even occur to me until yesterday while preparing for Sunday. Coincidence? I think not.  
It never ceases to Amaze me how God can draw our attention in wondrous ways. 

There are undoubtedly many applications that can be drawn. But...

1. Jonah was where he was not supposed to be, running from God and his will for his life and Jonah's life was in danger.
2. Jesus was exactly (as He always is) where He is supposed to be and His life was never in any danger from the storm.
3. Storms in life come to us all to accomplish the purposes of God. Whether or not you are right where God wants you or whether you are     on the run from Him. The storm is there to get your attention and teach you some truth and draw you to God.
4. Although God places storms in your path to draw you to Himself, we have a choice to make.  
     a. Turn to the almighty as the disciples did and find peace.  
     b. Refuse to turn to God and be lost in the Jonah.

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