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April 10, 2015, 12:42 PM

A Penny's Worth of Thought

Do you want great faith?

Most would certainly answer, “yes” but are we willing to do what it takes to have great faith?
Throughout your life God will seek to grow your faith. He will bring situations into your path that you require you to believe and trust Him. Most of us would say that we want great faith and we want a growing faith. But for our faith to grow great, it must first begin small. 
God will lead you in situations that require a “little” faith and as you prove yourself faithful in the little he will reveal more of himself to you and take your faith to a higher level.

The way to test whether you are ready to be taken to a higher plain is to honestly answer whether or not you have been faithful in the little. If you have been faithful in the small, perceivably insignificant areas of the Christian life than you will be ready for greater leaps of faith. 

The problem is that many of us don’t want to start small, we want great faith and to be great people of faith now. And so we scoff and ignore the small areas that seem “unworthy” to our eyes.

Luke 16:10 says: “Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much.”

It is said that years ago when bridges would be built over deep chasms, a person on one side would fly a kite from one side to the other. A person on the receiving side would tie a cord to the string and the first side would pull the cord over by the string. Then they would tie a rope to the cord and the other side would pull the rope back over. Finally they would tie a chain to the rope and the first side would pull the chain back over enabling them to construct a great bridge. It is the chain that is able to support the weight of the bridge but if there had been no kite string the chain would never have made it across the chasm!
Everyone wants to be the great chain of faith…but are we willing to also be the kite string first?
May we desire to be people of great faith, but may we first and always be people who are faithful in the little.

April 8, 2015, 12:59 PM

A Penny's Worth of Thought: Living For Him Today

The world we live in is filled with evil, wickedness and sin.  Few Christians, if any would try to argue that is not.  But too often we as Christians use the fallen state of society today as an excuse for not being an exception and example that God has called us to be.

But…think about this.

Noah lived in a day and age when He was the only Godly person living on the earth.  It was so bad that God was sorry for making man and was grieved at man’s wickedness.  It was so bad that God sent a flood to destroy everything except for Noah and his family along with the animals that God had Noah put on the ark.  

How easy it would have been for Noah to go with the flow, and blend in with a wicked world.  How easy it would have been for Noah’s children to give in to peer pressure and take the easy road of life.  How easy it would have been during the 100 years that God had them building the ark for Noah and His family to give up and quit.  

Why didn’t Noah quit?  Why didn’t Noah give in? Why didn’t He let his children join the crowd and loosen their morals and standards so they could fit in and bee cool, like the rest of the crowd?  Why was Noah the only one that lived a Godly life and was faithful and obedient in all that God commanded Him?  Why did Noah find favor in the eyes of God?

Because Noah walked with God.  It is as simple and the same time as complex as that.  He walked with God.  Becoming a Christian is only possible because Jesus died on a cross in our place, paying our sin debt and rose again from the dead victorious.  Living a Godly life is only possible if we realize that Christianity is about a relationship with God and we walk with him daily.  

Does walking with God make us perfect, no.  Does it mean we will never sin again, no.  But it does mean that even in day and time when wickedness and evil are so visible and appear overwhelming, we can live a Godly life, be the exception and have a Godly influence today, just like Noah did so long ago.


April 7, 2015, 1:39 PM

A Penny's Worth of Thought: Choose to Rejoice!

Your joy as a Christian should not be determined by your circumstances.  Joy comes from God, and therefore it cannot be affected by what is outside of you!

Remember Paul and Silas who were beaten and thrown into prison for preaching and teaching the gospel?  Remember the response of Paul and Silas?

"And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them."

Acts 16:25

March 30, 2015, 12:27 PM

Sunday's Sermon Summed Up

It was a great blessing to be able to preach again Sunday.  God blessed as we shared from God’s Word in Joshua 14:6-15

God’s promises of blessing for you are far greater than you can possibly imagine for yourself.  He has a mountain of blessing and vision for you.  What God has in store for you is worth dreaming about, seeking and trusting God for. If we are to take possession of God’s promises for our life, like Caleb we must do the following

1.  Put down the excuses!  Caleb was 85 years old and had been waiting for 45 years to see the promises of God fulfilled for His life, yet He had not given up despite his advanced age nor despite the difficulty of the task.  He had faith that endured that God would be able to fulfill the promises and give him the strength and ability necessary.

2.  Put away Sin!  6 times in scripture it says that - Caleb followed fully after the Lord God.  If we are to see God’s mountain of promise fulfilled in our lives we must follow him fully, completely and patiently.   We cannot expect God to bless our lives when we refuse to be obedient and walk with Him daily.

3.  Pick up the Vision!  Dream about what God wants for you.  Dream big.  Remind God of His promises for you. Caleb had a vision and passion for the promises because they had been in His heart.  He had Seen the promise, he had tasted the promise and been to the promised land.  If we never dream of What God has for us we will never have a passion for what God has for us.  

God has made promises for you in His word.  We are not speaking of promises of money, riches, fame our even health, but promises of a Heaven, eternal life, a vibrant relationship with a living God and Savior.  Yes, He may grant you possessions and things in this life, but greater still is the life we have in Jesus Christ.  May he be our desire and our promise and may we seek What He wants for our lives. 

If we practice these three keys, we like Caleb can say “I want that mountain, give me my mountain!”

March 27, 2015, 9:29 AM

A Penny's Worth of Thought: You Never Go Alone

When you belong to the Lord, you are never alone.  

Deuteronomy 31: 8

The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you.  Do not fear or be dismayed.

God calls us to do His work on this earth.  We are his messengers and it is God on high that we serve.  Always remember, no matter what God calls you or sends you to do:  

God never sends you into a situation alone.

God always goes before you.  He guides the way but also prepares the way and the hearts and lives of those you will encounter along the way.   With the children of Israel in the Old Testament He led them out of Egypt in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  Later He led them by his presence in the Ark of the covenant.  He led His chosen people then and He will lead you now!  He always proceeds you into every situation.  God is never caught off guard or surprised by a situation or circumstance.  Because of this we can trust Him as He leads us.  He goes before you and knows exactly what you need for you pilgrimage.  

He also walks beside us and behind us to protect us and give us comfort.  

Jesus knew that His disciples would be bewildered by His crucifixion, so he assured them in advance, that no matter what happened He would always go before them and with them.  He knew what they were experiencing and what they would experience because He had gone before them and already experienced it.

He promises you the same.  The Bible tells us that God will never leave us or forsake us.  It is a promise that we can cling to by faith.  

If you are going through a difficult or confusing time, know that God goes before you and stands with you even in the darkest hour.  There is no where you can go that you won’t find Christ already there waiting for you to join Him.

God has promised you and what He has promised, He will be faithful to keep.

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