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April 7, 2015, 1:39 PM

A Penny's Worth of Thought: Choose to Rejoice!

Your joy as a Christian should not be determined by your circumstances.  Joy comes from God, and therefore it cannot be affected by what is outside of you!

Remember Paul and Silas who were beaten and thrown into prison for preaching and teaching the gospel?  Remember the response of Paul and Silas?

"And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them."

Acts 16:25

March 30, 2015, 12:27 PM

Sunday's Sermon Summed Up

It was a great blessing to be able to preach again Sunday.  God blessed as we shared from God’s Word in Joshua 14:6-15

God’s promises of blessing for you are far greater than you can possibly imagine for yourself.  He has a mountain of blessing and vision for you.  What God has in store for you is worth dreaming about, seeking and trusting God for. If we are to take possession of God’s promises for our life, like Caleb we must do the following

1.  Put down the excuses!  Caleb was 85 years old and had been waiting for 45 years to see the promises of God fulfilled for His life, yet He had not given up despite his advanced age nor despite the difficulty of the task.  He had faith that endured that God would be able to fulfill the promises and give him the strength and ability necessary.

2.  Put away Sin!  6 times in scripture it says that - Caleb followed fully after the Lord God.  If we are to see God’s mountain of promise fulfilled in our lives we must follow him fully, completely and patiently.   We cannot expect God to bless our lives when we refuse to be obedient and walk with Him daily.

3.  Pick up the Vision!  Dream about what God wants for you.  Dream big.  Remind God of His promises for you. Caleb had a vision and passion for the promises because they had been in His heart.  He had Seen the promise, he had tasted the promise and been to the promised land.  If we never dream of What God has for us we will never have a passion for what God has for us.  

God has made promises for you in His word.  We are not speaking of promises of money, riches, fame our even health, but promises of a Heaven, eternal life, a vibrant relationship with a living God and Savior.  Yes, He may grant you possessions and things in this life, but greater still is the life we have in Jesus Christ.  May he be our desire and our promise and may we seek What He wants for our lives. 

If we practice these three keys, we like Caleb can say “I want that mountain, give me my mountain!”

March 27, 2015, 9:29 AM

A Penny's Worth of Thought: You Never Go Alone

When you belong to the Lord, you are never alone.  

Deuteronomy 31: 8

The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you.  Do not fear or be dismayed.

God calls us to do His work on this earth.  We are his messengers and it is God on high that we serve.  Always remember, no matter what God calls you or sends you to do:  

God never sends you into a situation alone.

God always goes before you.  He guides the way but also prepares the way and the hearts and lives of those you will encounter along the way.   With the children of Israel in the Old Testament He led them out of Egypt in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  Later He led them by his presence in the Ark of the covenant.  He led His chosen people then and He will lead you now!  He always proceeds you into every situation.  God is never caught off guard or surprised by a situation or circumstance.  Because of this we can trust Him as He leads us.  He goes before you and knows exactly what you need for you pilgrimage.  

He also walks beside us and behind us to protect us and give us comfort.  

Jesus knew that His disciples would be bewildered by His crucifixion, so he assured them in advance, that no matter what happened He would always go before them and with them.  He knew what they were experiencing and what they would experience because He had gone before them and already experienced it.

He promises you the same.  The Bible tells us that God will never leave us or forsake us.  It is a promise that we can cling to by faith.  

If you are going through a difficult or confusing time, know that God goes before you and stands with you even in the darkest hour.  There is no where you can go that you won’t find Christ already there waiting for you to join Him.

God has promised you and what He has promised, He will be faithful to keep.

March 26, 2015, 10:32 AM

A Penny's Worth of Thought: Prefaced with Praise

When you are at a loss of just what to do…Just praise the Lord!

A “Preface” is an introduction, a moment before the beginning or perhaps a word before the words.  It could also be defined as an introduction before the story.  

In our lives we have many beginnings.  We begin each day, we begin activities, actions, thoughts and schedules.  Our lives are a whirlwind of activity packed to the gills.  We have allowed our days to become so full of business that we often feel like we don’t even have time to stop and breath.  Work schedules, children’s schedules, school activities, sports activities, and even church activities.

Sometimes in these moments of life, things don’t go like they should, like we planned them or like we thought they would.  Life gets untracked, and we panic.  We reach that moment when we are at a loss of just what to do.  It happens to everyone at some point or another.  And when it happens just remember to stop, be still and praise the Lord.   Praise God that even when life seems out of your control, it is still in His control.  Even when you don’t know what to do or say, God does. 

In fact I would encourage you to preface your various beginnings with Praise.  Praise is greatly honoring to God!  Throughout the Bible we are told to be still to worship and experience God.  In the Bible we see example after example of God’s people praising God despite the circumstances of their life and then experiencing victory over their circumstance.  

In II Chronicles 20 we learn that God’s people were about to face impossible odds and they are told to, Stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord.  

In II Samuel 6 we see that King David’s praise was pleasing to God and God’s powerful presence remained in David’s kingdom to give him victory over every enemy.  

And Again in Jesus ministry, just as we was about to go into the Garden on the Mount of Olives and about to have his disciples forsake him and to face a cruel cross and His own death, He led his disciples to sing a song of praise!  It was praise despite the circumstances for the fact that the greatest victory was about to be complete.  The Victory of sin, death and the grave.  The victory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over Satan himself.  

In your life’s beginnings, before you go, decide, and do, before you are faced with circumstances beyond your control, may your life be prefaced with praise.  Praise the God who has the control and praise Him for the victory He alone can provide for your life.

March 25, 2015, 9:45 AM

Hope, Confidence and Promise

I’m sitting here in a dimly lit room watching an old friend die.
As I sit here, I praise God for the hope and confidence we have in Christ. For it is because of this confidence that I know that this is not the end for my friend… just the end of this temporal life. It is not goodbye, but see you later. He is soon to be transported to a place of immeasurable beauty. When he closes his eyes for the last time in this life he will open them for the first time in the next and be face to face with Jesus Christ, the one who died and rose again In our place. So now we can have the promise of eternal life. No more, pain, no more suffering, no more sin and no more sorrow. A forever more of perfection living with God.
As I sit here watching him prepare to slip away from us, I can’t help but wonder how those who do not believe in Jesus and have no hope can survive this process. It is gruelling and heart breaking for me, even though I know his destiny and know I will see him again. How does one cope and survive when they have no hope? Even if they believe that this is the end, and that there is no heaven or hell, how do they say goodbye forever?
Be not deceived my friend’s this is not the end. 
Believe and find hope by turning to Jesus. 
Be confident in the Salvation Christ provides.
Trust in the promise or eternal life because Jesus work on the cross.
Yes, saying goodbye for now my friend is not easy. But it is possible because I will see you again.


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