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Don't Leave Easter in the Past - Philippians 3:10

April 13, 2020, 8:00 PM

Don’t Forget the Resurrection


How many of us have already put Easter 2020 in the rear view mirror?


Once a specific, event, holiday, or anniversary is past, we often put that event in the rearview mirror of life and move on to the next.  


But Easter is certainly one date on the calendar that we should never move past.  

Oh we can move on from the baskets, the candy, the new outfits, and festive meals, but not from the true meaning of Easter.  


But, not from the power of Easter.  

Paul wrote the book of Philippians some 30 years after Christ died.

In that book he wrote:  "that I might know Him, and the power of the resurrection..."

Easter 2020 may be past, but that fact does not diminish the power of what Easter is.  

The power of that first Easter Day miracle will last forever.


Oh Christian, live in the memory, the blessing, and the power of Easter not just one day of the year…


…but every day of the year.