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Flip the Switch!

December 17, 2015, 1:50 PM

Look carefully at the picture. Do you see it? Look closely in the background, behind the trees. It is Duke's Oconee Nuclear Power Station.

It is there all the time but in the late spring, summer and early fall you cannot see the power station because of the tree's or more specifically the leaves on the trees. The leaves on the tree had to die and fall off before you could really see the Nuclear power facility.

If you did not know it was there, and know to look for it, you could drive down this road, past this spot many times and never see the power plant, even if it was visible because we are so busy and rush by without realizing it is there. We are focused on the road ahead. But that would not change the fact that the power plant is still there.

God is similar to this power plant. We often cannot see that He is there but He always is. We often are to focused on the business of our own life and the road ahead to even realize He is there with us. Sometimes things have to happen and hardships have to come, like the leaves falling off the trees before we are able to see Him.

Something gets our attention and we notice that He has been there the whole time. We must realize that He has never left us. His power, grace, mercy, and love are there for us even when we don't realize them, acknowledge them or know that they are there.

Speaking of the power, I am sure I could not properly, and sufficiently explain how the electricity is produced and delivered to our homes, and workplaces where we need it. But yet when we flip a switch or plug something in, the power is there. But just because I don't completely understand the physics and science of electricity does not mean I refuse to flip the switch.

In a similar way we may not understand how God works or How will reach us with His power and love...but don't let that keep you from calling on Him and flipping the switch.