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Delivered By
Pastor Jonathan McGary
Delivered On
May 20, 2020 at 8:30 AM
Central Passage
Matthew 6:12
What I Have Noticed Ch. 14

Hey Y’all Jonathan McGary here with Pleasant Hill;

And this is another episode of: What I Have Noticed. 


I have watched all kinds of people, in all kinds of places, and in all kinds of situations...

And Do you know what I have noticed?

People don’t always get along.

This is true no matter what the circumstances, but if you pour in the added pressure of social distancing, close proximity of elongated periods of time, stay at home orders, and financial crisis, and you can end up with a pandemic of a completely different order. 

Angry words, hurt feelings, wrongful attitudes and actions can lead to damaged relationships that seem almost irreversibly broken if we are not careful. At the same time it can lead us to be worn down by bitterness and resentment. 

But there are two little phrases that often seem so elusive, yet if spoken sincerely can do a world of good to mending families and friendships.  

I am sorry, and Will you forgive me.  

Reconciliation seems to be a fairly simple concept.  Someone hurts you, or maybe you hurt them, apologies take place, forgiveness is referenced and everyone lives happily ever after...right?  Wrong.  Why, because even if we try to forgive...we struggle to forget.  

Few things in this life are harder than true forgiveness...but to truly forgive we must learn to forget.  

To say we are to forgive and forget is easier said than done.  

But if we are to truly forgive, we must forget.  

To do that we must let go, and to do that takes a lot of perseverance and grace.  

Impossible some might say, and to that I say...on your own your are correct.  We cannot forget on our own, and therefore on our own it is impossible to completely forgive.  

But it is the grace that allows us to win the day, the battle, and see the relationship restored.  

In God’s Word we are instructed, in fact commanded to forgive one another.  

And what God instructs us to do, He will always enable us to accomplish.  

To find the ability to demonstrate the grace of forgiving and forgetting others their wrong doings toward us and our own, we must recall the grace that has been demonstrated to us.  

Matthew 6:12 says during the Lord’s model prayer we are are to pray this way “and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”

in Ephesians 4:32 we are instructed to “be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”

The best way to recall the strength to demonstrate the grace of forgiveness to others is to remember the grace that God has shown you and that we are to offer others.  

If the slights of others to our own lives seems particularly grievous, simply remember that God offers forgiveness full and free to you, despite the fact that our wrongdoings caused the torture and death of His own son!

What if God treated us by the same standards and methods that we use when others mistreat us?

Even though we often think that forgiving and certainly forgetting is impossible.  We must realize that through Christ all things are possible, and He will give you the strength.  

If God can take our blackest sin and cast it into the deepest part of the sea and remember it no more...certainly he can enable us to offer forgiveness to others.  

Never be afraid to say:  I am sorry when you might have done someone else wrong.  And never be hesitant to offer forgiveness when someone has crossed a line with you. 

When you do, you will find a peace and joy that only God can give, and you will demonstrate the love of God to others, who may have never have found his love any other way.  

I hope that you will notice what I have noticed. 

I hope that you will trust God to give you the strength and grace to both forgive and ask for forgiveness as it is needed.  


As you Do I hope God will bless you 

Until next time, remember I love you...

more importantly remember God loves you.

Keep your eyes on Him



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