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God Knows Your Need
March 25, 2019, 11:14 AM

It is comforting to know that God knows our hearts.  Because He knows your heart, He also knows your need. 

Judges chapter 6 introduces us to a man named Gideon

Gideon was a man cowering in fear from the enemy when God called him to deliver Israel from it’s oppression.  
Ultimately God God chose Gideon to deliver the Nation of Israel from oppression of a countless enemy with only an army of 300.

To do so God called Gideon to form an army of 32,000 soldiers, but then, very likely to Gideon’s dismay, God narrowed that army down to only 300.

In calling Gideon to accomplish God’s will, God had made promise after promise of guaranteed victory and promise after promise that God Himself would go with Gideon.  God had given sign after sign and miracle after mighty miracle to prove to Gideon that God would give the victory.

Gideon then began to obey what God had called him to do.  

On the surface Gideon might have seemed to some to now be a man of courage. After all he had destroyed the altar of false God’s in his own town that belonged to his own father, even though he knew it might mean that men would seek to kill him.  

On the surface Gideon seemed a picture of courage...but God knew his heart.  

God knew that Gideon was still afraid and still doubting.

So what was God’s response?

God’s gracious response was to give another miraculous sign.  God gave more irrefutable proof.   That is what this verse is about. 

It is also proof that the God who knew Gideon’s heart, knows your heart.  

Aren’t you glad that the God of the Bible is the God who is still active today isn’t he lives of people?  
Aren’t you glad that God knows your heart?

Aren’t you glad that when God knows something that no one else knows, He loving does something about it to calm your fears and deal with your heart?

What is it today that you are dealing with in your heart?  Maybe something that know one else knows or would even think about you.  
God knows and He stands ready to miraculously, lovingly, graciously, deal with it, if you will let Him.

Won’t you let God have His way in your heart today?

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