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Great Moments from Quiet Moments

April 1, 2016, 10:19 AM

The greatest moments this world has ever known, where preceded by quiet moments.  

Jesus Christ payment in full for the debt of sin by dying on the cross was preceded by a quiet moment of fervent prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Peter preaching at Pentecost and the resulting salvation of 3000 was preceded by the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples as they gathered in an upper room for a time of quiet prayer.  

The feeding of the 5000 by Jesus multiplying 5 loaves of bread and two fish were preceded by Jesus praying and blessing what was given.  

Peter, in prison and scheduled to be executed was delivered by an angel in the midst of the prison.  But his delivery was preceded by a group of people gathering together to pray for his release.

Over and over again great moments have been preceded by quiet moments of prayer.  The power of Heaven is opened with a quiet moment of honest prayer.

Prayer is not a substitute for hard work…Prayer is the work!  God does things in and though our lives through prayer that he does in no other way.  Turning to God through honest, pure, and fervent prayer releases by faith the power of God to do the mightier things than we could ever imagine.  As we pray and our attention is turned to God, we are receptive to aligning our lives with His will.  

God does not equip us and work in us to do His will with power as we are racing off to our next appointment.  His power in our lives only comes through prayer. 

There used to be a time when there were certain special people who were known to others as Prayer Warriors.  Perhaps they were your grandparent, parent or Sunday School teacher.  Maybe it was a pastor, missionary, friend, or an elderly neighbor.   Almost everyone has known someone like that who never would have claimed to be a powerful prayer, but everyone that knew them would ask them to pray for them even they asked no one else, and prayers got answered!

While those people seem to be fewer and farther between, they don’t have to be.  The same God who answered the prayers of those precious, humble warriors of prayer is the same God who lives, reigns, and answers prayer with power to day.  The significance of those prayer warriors was that they lived a daily relationship of prayer and obedience to Him.   If we are willing to surrender to God and walk with Him with all our heart we can be such a prayer warrior.  

It begins by being a child of God and continues by spending time with Him in prayer.  The greatest moment of your life is when you become a child of God through Jesus shed blood on the cross and becoming a child of God is preceded by a heart prayer of repentance and belief in Jesus as Savior.   

The same heart of prayer will lead to other great moments just as they always have.  

Won’t you stop for a quiet moment of prayer today?  Trust God, call on Him and just watch as God does great things in and around you!