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Hope, Confidence and Promise

March 25, 2015, 9:45 AM

I’m sitting here in a dimly lit room watching an old friend die.
As I sit here, I praise God for the hope and confidence we have in Christ. For it is because of this confidence that I know that this is not the end for my friend… just the end of this temporal life. It is not goodbye, but see you later. He is soon to be transported to a place of immeasurable beauty. When he closes his eyes for the last time in this life he will open them for the first time in the next and be face to face with Jesus Christ, the one who died and rose again In our place. So now we can have the promise of eternal life. No more, pain, no more suffering, no more sin and no more sorrow. A forever more of perfection living with God.
As I sit here watching him prepare to slip away from us, I can’t help but wonder how those who do not believe in Jesus and have no hope can survive this process. It is gruelling and heart breaking for me, even though I know his destiny and know I will see him again. How does one cope and survive when they have no hope? Even if they believe that this is the end, and that there is no heaven or hell, how do they say goodbye forever?
Be not deceived my friend’s this is not the end. 
Believe and find hope by turning to Jesus. 
Be confident in the Salvation Christ provides.
Trust in the promise or eternal life because Jesus work on the cross.
Yes, saying goodbye for now my friend is not easy. But it is possible because I will see you again.