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Just Praise Him!

March 23, 2020, 8:31 AM

I have been reading in Revelation 5:11-12

Do you have a moment?

Chances are, you can find a moment to spare.  


When was the last time you just stopped, dropped to your knees and focused on God.


Will you take time now and just dwell upon Him, and who He is?


I am not asking you to focus on Him and thankHim for all He has done, is doing, and will do, for you, and for anyone everywhere, but to just focus on Him.  


Ignore for a moment your struggles, your needs, your wants, your hurts, or even those of others.  


Just focus on Him.

Just adore Him.

Just worship Him.


That is what all of Heaven is doing in this passage of scripture.  


Picture if you will, all of the throne room of Heaven focused on Christ.  All of their voices lifted in unison to praise and worship Him.  


If that is what Heaven does in response to the Son of God.  Maybe we should take time each day to do the same.  


There will be time to ask Him to meet your needs.

There will be time to tell Him your concerns. 


But take time each day just to worship and love Him.


Because He first loved you!