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Key Words, Cliche Phrases, and Magic Wands

January 24, 2017, 1:14 PM

The Christian life is not one of ease.  If it is for you, you might not be living the Christian life.  Christians deal with troubles, trials, hardships, and heartaches just like everyone else.

The Christian life is also not a life of perfect living.  We sin, fall, and fail, just like everyone else.  When we do God has to chasten and discipline us and rarely is the chastening easy or desirable.  

No matter how or why we get there, when we find ourselves in a mess, the important thing is that we call on God for help.  Because, He is able to deliver us from any situation if we will call on Him and turn to Him for our Help.  (Psalm 121:2 - “ help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.”)

God can, and often does deliver us immediately from our trouble.  (After Peter walked on the water to Jesus, he took his eyes off of the Lord and began to sink.  He became afraid and cried out “Lord, save me!”  Matthew 14:31 says: “...immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him.”) But perhaps just as often the process of delivering us from our trouble is not immediate.  When this happens, we are often prone to fits of impatience and panic.  

We get the idea that if we pray, it is like waving a magic wand over our hurt and troubles and things are supposed to magically, instantly get better.  

Often times when we share our troubles and prayer needs with others, we get a cliche response:  Just trust the Lord with it, or you just need to have enough faith.  Other times we think if we use a key word like Jesus Name our problems will flee from us.  That is not how turning to God works.  

I want to remind you of what when Israel was in slavery in Egypt: (Exodus Chapter 5 - 14)

God heard their cries and saw their need.  He called Moses to deliver them from  Pharaoh and the Egyptians.  But, they were not immediately delivered.  In fact things got worse before they got better.  After Moses first went to Pharaoh, Pharaoh made their work harder.  Sometimes when we cry out to God to deliver us from our trials and temptations, things get tougher before they get better.  It took 10 plagues before the people of Israel were delivered from Slavery.  During this time Israel was required to obey God’s instructions in order for them to be delivered.  Even then it took a pillar of fire, cloud and the crossing of the Red Sea for their troubles to be destroyed.  

When you are in trouble, call out to God and turn to Him.  Trust that He hears you and is able to deliver you and then have faith.  Obey what He tells you do and will give you the strength to do.  Don’t just sit there waiting on God to do it all.  Follow His Word!  Obey His Commands!  Understand that a people who rely on the God of the Bible will never be let down nor disappointed.  

If you are turning to God for help from your troubles, know that God has heard and is active...He just might not be done yet delivering you.  

But He will!  It won't be done through cliches, key words, or magic wands, but it will be done in a miraculous way!