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Know Who You Really Are

May 15, 2017, 10:01 AM

“The angel of the LORD appeared to him and said to him ‘The LORD is with your, O valiant warrior!’” Judges 6:12

Gideon must have been shocked.  He may have even laughed at the angel’s proclamation.  Gideon had been hiding from the enemy while trying to thresh some wheat at a winepress so that it would not be stolen from him.  

But God knew the truth, and God never makes mistakes.  Despite Gideon’s doubts, fears, and questions; God knew exactly who Gideon was and How God was going to use Gideon.  

God knows exactly who you are too.  He knows you are not who you pretend to be, not who you are afraid to be, and not even who you secretly fear you might actually be.  

God has a purpose and a plan for you.  He has hand picked you for a task of Godly proportions.  He has picked you because He knows who you really are, because He made you and knows what great things He can do through you.  

Perhaps like Gideon, you too have questioned the wisdom of the Lord.  Perhaps you have doubts about what God can do through you.  Perhaps you are reading this and not even aware that God has a plan and purpose for you. 

Because of these doubts, you, like Gideon, may have begun to give excuses about How God is wrong about you.  Gideon argued that he was the youngest in his family.  Gideon doubted God’s power because the trouble that was plaguing his life and country.  

God did not accept Gideon’s arguments.  God knew that He would use Gideon to lead an army of 300 to defeat an army of thousands of thousands.  God knew that Gideon would be used to turn a backsliding nation back to the ways of God.  God knew that Gideon was a warrior, courageous, and a leader.  He was all these things because God made him all these things as He worked through Him.  

What is it God knows about who you are?  Who is that you can be as God works through you to accomplish His purposes for your life? 

It did not become obvious to Gideon that God was right about him until God proved it to him.  

Won’t you let God prove to you who you really are.  So that you can know?

Remember that what Gideon was above all else was a servant.  He served the Lord mightily as God worked through him, and you can do the same.