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Lead the Way!

August 24, 2016, 3:44 PM

There are so many choices and options in the world today.  So many roads and paths that can be chosen and followed.  So many activities, conveniences, and distractions to occupy our time.  There are so many people trying to get your attention.  People trying to lead you, your spouse, and/or your kids to follow them.  There are so many things pulling you in different directions that if we are not careful we can be pulled apart, led down the wrong path, or perhaps worse nothing while we try to sort out all the confusion.  

Not me, not this guy, not this husband, not this father.  I am choosing to lead the way!

Life is full of choices.  As a Christian, I realize that many of them are vain and wrong.  We all have our own lives to live and many of us families to lead and lead them we must or someone else will lead them away for us.  Don’t wait for someone else to take charge in leading you and your family the way you should go.  

To not choose the way to lead is to let someone else lead for you.  Chances are you will not like the direction they lead you; or your family.  

Understand that when you start to lead it will not be easy.  Different people want to choose different paths.  But if we are to be Godly witnesses and examples then we must lead despite the conflicts, challenges, and rebellion.  

In the Bible Joshua was tasked with leading the nation of Israel after Moses died.  It was an un-enviable task, but Joshua chose to follow the leading of Almighty God and to be strengthened by almighty God for the task of Leading.  

He made his decision and by the grace of God stood by his decision in the direction he would lead.  He was not ambiguous in the direction He would lead, nor did he waiver.  He challenged people to make a decision to follow him or not.  

Joshua 24:15 “...choose you this day whom ye will serve...but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

Realize that we cannot make people follow you, that is why as Christians we must lead.  But like Joshua we are responsible for our own direction and that of our family.  

As Christians we must choose this day that we will follow the Lord!