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Never Forget - 9/11

September 11, 2015, 1:01 PM

It has been 14 years since that awful day.  

Chances are you have not forgotten where you were when you first heard of the attack on America, and the Twin Trade Center.  Chances are you remember sitting in front of your tv watching in horror what took place on that day.  It is good that you remember, for we must never forget that terrible tragedy.

But do we remember all that happened on that day and the days following?  Or have we forgotten?

Have we forgotten...The brave men and women of flight 93 and how they sacrificed their lives to save countless more.

Have we forgotten...That although nearly 3,000 died in those attacks, the number was predicted to much, much higher than that?

Have you forgotten...The selflessness and courage of Firefighters, police officers, first responders and others who sacrificed and put themselves in harms way for others during those days.  

Have you forgotten...All the miraculous stories of people who were not where they were supposed to be on that day.  They were late to work, sick, or missed a flight and their life was preserved?

Have you if only for a brief time, our congress and senate put aside their petty bickering and differences and sang “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps.

Have you forgotten...How if only for a brief time,  people who normally never go to church, went to church and were able to hear of the love of Christ who died to save.  

Have you forgotten...How if only for a short time, Americans came together.  Strangers became friends, and the display of patriotism was shown, flags flew high and we were proud to be Americans. 

Have you forgotten...How the hand of God, even in the midst of tragedy was shown and we were preserved from it being much, much worse.

Have you forgotten...How blessed by God we are to live such a great country.

We must never forget what took place on that day.  But we must never forget all that took place that day and the days following.