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No Matter How Hard Your Hardship!!!
April 7, 2020, 7:02 PM

Dark days certainly come upon us all.  


Whether it be this Covid-19 or some other wrecking ball of a trial, storm clouds are often seen on the horizon of life.  


Suffering, hardship, loss, mourning, sickness, death, family crisis, personal crisis, persecution etc.  I could go on and on.  Whatever rock and a hard place you are or have experienced, insert it here ______________.


Everybody either has, is, will, or even will again, go through a time of tribulation and storms in their life.  


And while this truth is absolute, when we personally go through our trials, we tend to feel alone, and isolated.  We believe that no-one ever has, is or will go through something like what we are  facing.  Therefore no one can understand our pain, our grief, or dilemma.  And we feel that no matter how hard someone might try, they cannot relate to our resolve our hardship.  


You know what?  You are right!


But Christian…Here is the good news that we can look forward to. 


Nothing that we have, are, or ever will go through…

Not physical pain…

Not Spiritual struggles…

Not struggles with sin and this old sin nature…

Not persecution..

Not sorrow or grief…

Not even death and loss…

No matters how hard your hardship…


Will compare to what we stand to inherit, receive and have revealed to us.  


What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see!

When we look upon His face…the One who saved us by His grace!


Take that Coronavirus and sin cursed world!  


The Best is yet to come!


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