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Off the Page: Genesis Ch. 8

February 1, 2021, 12:00 AM

“Off the Page” is a devotional series that involves reading 1 chapter of the Bible (I recommend reading it at least 3 times) and discovering what (at least 1 thing)  God causes to stand out to you in that passage.  

The Bible is an eternal spring of knowledge and life, and it is possible to see new things or different emphasis each time you read the same passage.  

I encourage you to read the chapter for yourself and see what God shows you before you watch the video and discover what God showed me.  

Off the Page: Genesis Ch. 8 - Not forgotten

Hey y’all, Jonathan McGary here, and this is “Off the Page” Genesis Chapter 8 and this is what God caused to jump “Off the Page” to me today as I read this chapter several times.  

Genesis Ch. 8 tells us of the flood waters drying up from off the face of the earth while Noah and all the inhabitants remained in the ark, until finally they exited the Ark.

A few things occurred to me as I read this passage, but one thought in particular jumped off the page.  

Verse 1 tells us that “God remembered Noah and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark...” This does not mean that God forgot about Noah, but rather kept him in his thoughts and kept his promise to preserve him in the ark.  

Noah, and all the inhabitants were in the ark for a long time, somewhere around a year from the time they entered until they exited.  
At the point of writing this, we have been under social distancing due to Covid 19 for around 10 months.  Although we are wise to be socially distanced from others, there are probably very few that have not gone out of their house the entire time.  
But, that is exactly what Noah had to do.  He was isolated in the ark for longer than we have currently been under this pandemic.  

One can certainly understand Noah, and his family, getting a little impatient and perhaps even wondering if God had forgotten about them.  
Perhaps this is why he sends out tests of the Raven and the Dove (3 times) to see if it was safe to exit the ark.  

But, what is important to remember is that although Noah sent out his own tests, He still waited for God to give the command to exit the ark!  

God had not forgotten and God had a perfect time planned for Noah and all on the Ark to disembark.  

In Verse 16 God says, “Go forth of the ark” and in verse 18 that is exactly what Noah and his family did.  God had kept his promise, Noah, his family, and all on the ark had been preserved, and God had brought them safely through the storm.  

We like Noah may get impatient at times waiting on God.  We may even feel like God has forgotten about us and our situation, but like Noah we must wait on God, and then we will learn as Noah did, that God never forgot about him or failed to keep His promise.  
So what about you?  Do you see what I saw?  Did God show you something else or something different?
Seek Him in His Word.  He will be found, and that is the whole point of us reading His love letter to seek Him, to know Him, and have a relationship with Him.  

Let God speak to you today!

Until next time, remember:  I love you.  More importantly God loves you!  Keep your eyes on Him!
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