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Off the Page: Genesis 6

January 28, 2021, 11:55 AM

Off the Page: Genesis Ch. 6 - The Extent of our Obedience

The 6th chapter in Genesis begins to tell of the corruption and evil that had filled the earth, and  that God’s plan to both destroy the earth with a flood as well as His plan to preserve man through Noah and his family.  

The Biblical account of the flood is one of, if not the most debated and denied events in all of the Bible.  But we must remember that it is true.

While there is so much in this chapter to take in I want to focus on just one verse:  Verse 22, the last verse in the chapter.  

It says simply, plainly, and directly:  “Thus did Noah;  according to all that God had commanded him, so did he.”

Or, to paraphrase:  Noah did everything that God said to do, exactly how God said to do it.  

Now, God had given a lot of instructions that are spelled out for us in the chapter, and surely there was also more given at that time that was not written out for us, but it is also likely that all the instructions needed were not given at that moment.  

God also explained, at least in part, that he was going to bring judgment and  destroy all air breathing life off the planet.  Can you imagine what must have been going through Noah’s mind!?!?  

Even though Noah was a Godly person, and understood that God had to judge sin, it could not have been easy to hear of God’s judgment.  Nor could it have been easy to get his head around all that God was asking him to do and expecting of him and his family!

But, despite yet having all the facts, and not knowing how it was all going to work out or when, Noah obeyed everything, in every way, just as God said for it to be done. 

How was Noah able to go forward with God’s plan, despite not seeing, or understanding the whole picture?  Because verses 8-9 tell us of the relationship Noah had with God, and like Enoch, Noah walked with God!

Today, in our lives, there are times God tells us something, or asks us to do something, and yet we are not immediately given all the steps, nor are we always understanding of the what and why of the situation. Still we are expected to obey.  We must obey.  We must have a relationship with God, like Noah did.  We must trust that God’s wisdom is beyond our comprehension and he will provide the ability and the strength to accomplish His purposes...just as He did for Noah. 

So what about you?  Do you see what I saw? Did God show you something else or something different?

Seek Him in His Word, He will be found; and that is the whole point of us reading His love letter to seek Him, to know Him, and have a relationship with Him.  

Let God speak to you today!

Until next time, remember:  I love you.  More importantly God loves you!  Keep your eyes on Him