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Off the Page: Genesis Ch. 10

February 3, 2021, 2:56 PM

“Off the Page” is a devotional series that involves reading 1 chapter of the Bible (I recommend reading it at least 3 times) and discovering what (at least 1 thing)  God causes to stand out to you in that passage.  

The Bible is an eternal spring of knowledge and life, and it is possible to see new things or different emphasis each time you read the same passage.  

I encourage you to read the chapter for yourself and see what God shows you before you watch the video and discover what God showed me.  

Off the Page: Genesis Ch. 10: Examples, Testimonies and Trusting God

In chapter 10 we come to another genealogy, this time of Noah’s 3 sons.  Again we may be tempted to skip over this chapter, but I didn’t and this is what God caused to jump of the page today.

Having 3 children of my own, this chapter spoke especially close to my heart as a father this morning, but it certainly has application for us all. 

Noah had been the Godliest man on the earth before the flood, and therefore the most Godly father.  Yet as we saw at the end of chapter 9, when he became drunk with wine, even the most Godly people are not perfect and make mistakes.  

No matter how Godly an example and father he may have been, ultimately his children had to make their own choices...and again we see this clearly with the actions of Ham, as well as his two brothers at the end of chapter 9, which leads us to what we read in chapter 10. 

As we read the names of the descendants of each, we should recognize some of the names.  

Of the names we recognize, we may realize we recognize them for either their godly actions and testimony, or ungodly actions and testimony.  

Notice the descendants of Ham in particular and you will notice the names of many of the nations that opposed and plagued Israel throughout the Old Testament, and some of their descendants still plague Israel in the world today.

So what is my point?  My point is that we have a duty to set an example for those that follow after us, our children and grandchildren (among others.)

But ultimately no matter what kind of testimony we leave for them to follow, they must make their own choice to follow Christ or to follow their own path.  

I have seen, known, far too many Godly living parents and grandparents that put so much blame on their own shoulders for the choices of their grown children. It such pain, suffering, and heartache, that often these Godly examples lose hope and give up in many ways being the example they aught to be. 

Don’t give up.  Trust the Lord.  Keep setting the example that Christ set for us.  Don’t stop praying, don’t stop believing, and don’t stop living for God by faith. 

I may not be much, but what good I am as Christian, I owe in many ways to parents, grandparents and others, that did not give up on me.  

So what about you?  Do you see what I saw?  Did God show you something else or something different?

Seek Him in His Word.  He will be found, and that is the whole point of us reading His love letter to seek Him, to know Him, and have a relationship with Him.  

Let God speak to you today!

Until next time, remember:  I love you.  More importantly God loves you!  Keep your eyes on Him!