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People are Watching You!
May 11, 2015, 1:19 PM

People are watching you!  
and whether you know it or not:
You are influencing others.

Your children, family, friends, co-workers and others that you might not possibly imagine are observing the way you act, talk and respond in the world that we live in.

What would others say that they see?

Much like the children of Noah, we face a decision. Just as Noah’s sons lived in a world of blatant rebellion to God, we too live in a world that blatantly disregards and rebels against God. No one would have blamed Noah’s sons for living like the rest of society…no one except their father.  
He knew that his children knew and had been taught better. Noah’s children had been told and taught the truth by their father. Noah’s children had the benefit of a Godly example They had watched their father, worked with father and they knew their father. There came a day when they had to choose whether or not they would believe their father. Their decision was made much easier because they had watched their father. They saw his actions, heard his words and learned the truth. A Flood was coming. God’s judgement upon the world was coming. They chose to help their father build the ark and then enter the ark. In the end they were saved by the ark.

We must also chose. God’s judgment is coming to this world. We who are saved know the truth, we have seen God the Father in His Word and in Creation and His working in our lives. We have worked with the Father in carrying out His will, because we believe the Father. 

Most if not all of us came to know the Father because of the influence of someone else in our lives. Someone who knew God the Father. A parent, grandparent, neighbor, teacher, etc. Our decision to choose God the father was made possible because of their influence. 

People are watching you and me. They may already know that we are Christians and they are watching our actions, words and responses as we live this life. They are watching and they are learning.

What are they learning? Are we leading them to make a choice for God? Are the lives we live influencing others to come to know God the Father. Are we giving them the stepping stones to the cross so they too can be saved by God through a man named Jesus Christ, just as Noah and his family were saved by God through an Ark?


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