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Proper Placed Praise and Proper Placed Trust

March 18, 2020, 2:00 PM

In difficult times, even the most optimistic can become bogged down in negativity, pessimism, and complaint.  

While some will try to promote positivity and an optimistic outlook, it often comes across as forced, fake, or contrived.  

But, when you know the Lord, and your eyes are fixed upon Him, praise and hope will flow from the heart and not just the lips.

When you know the master, no matter the circumstance, there is always reason for praise and proclamation of Hope in Him!

Psalm 146 begins with this very premise:  That properly proclaimed praise will result from properly placed praise.  

Many will look to the government, science, or some other place or person for their help and prospects of hope; no matter how wavering it may be.  When our hope is placed in these things, we will eventually find ourselves, misguided, dissalusioned, and disappointed.  Man in of himself will ultimately fall and fail. 

But, when our Hope is in the Lord, we will never be let down, left alone, or let loose from the embracing hope of the Lord, and the encompassing peace He provides.  

Yes, God often uses, people, presidents, governments, believers and more to carry out His plans and purposes.  God can even use the un-godly and un-believing to carry out his will. 

In this passage, the Psalmist proclaims this truth:  That even when he does not see the hand of God working.  Even when He does not see a visible way of escape available, or a confident hope on the horizon, he will praise the Lord.  

Even when things don't seem to be going the way that we would want.  The psalmist states, as long as I am living I will continue to praise the Lord.  


Because when our eyes are fixed on, and our trust is placed in God, our hope and deliverance are sure things. 

No matter what our trial!

Are you praising God yet?  Look to Him, praise Him, because the end of this chapter is already known.

God just hasn't turned the page to reveal it to us yet!