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Ready for Takeoff!

November 1, 2016, 12:00 AM

Christian, do you find your life has become dull and listless?  Do you find yourself floating along in life with no real power or victory?  Or is your life spinning out of control?  

Do you remember what it was like when you first called on the Lord to save your soul?  How exciting it was, full of wonder, hope and possibility?  

But something happened didn't it?  Somehow you have become untracked and sidelined.  It just doesn't seem the same anymore.

I suggest a new beginning.  A new journey.  A new adventure.  Something exciting!

As a kid, I went through a phase where I wanted to be an astronaut.  The idea of exploration, specifically space exploration thrilled me.  Perhaps it was watching shows like "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or just being a kid during the first launches of the space shuttle.  It might have even been going to Cape Canaveral and and had my picture taken with what I was left to assume was a real live astronaut in full space suit with face shield and oxygen tanks!  As I grew up, my desires changed, I changed, and my reality changed.  

I never became an Astronaut.  But to this day I am still fascinated by space, the stars, and space exploration.  I read an interview by Ron Guran, who flew into space on the shuttle Discovery, and I read about life training to be an astronaut:  He said that because there are so many things that could go wrong during launch, that they most of their training (as much as 90%) is focused on that one phase of the flight.  

That is amazing!  Read that again...90%!

Christian, If your life has gotten mundane, boring, or status quo and you are just floating along; I suggest we reboot and begin again fresh.  Or, If life in this sin cursed world that we temporarily call home has dragged you down, beaten you up, and threatened to spit you out, I suggest you start over and begin again.  No matter the reason, as you start over, pay special attention to the beginning.   

1.   Ask God forgive you for letting your life be bogged down, dragged down, beaten down and just floating along.  No matter whether or not is because of your sin or just the effects of a sinful world we live in, ask Him to forgive you, pick you up, and help you set sail again.  - He will lovingly and faithfully do it.

2.  Ask God to strengthen you and prepare you as you begin again.  Ask him for the grace to get off on the right foot and with a strong foundation so that you can have a victorious journey - He is your strength and He will never steer you wrong. 

3.  Begin each day of your journey focusing on the take-off.  A successful journey is a step by step, day by day journey.  Begin it with prayer and meditation on God and His Word. - It is how He will train and renew your mind to face the challenges of the day.

4.  Get ready for an adventure unlike any other, with God as your friend and your guide.  Explore the mind of God and the love and purpose that He has for you as your read the Bible, His love letter and guidebook for your life.  - He will never leave you nor forsake you.  

Prepare for the experience of a lifetime!  This is more than just a new day or new beginning in your life...Prepare for Takeoff

This is the start of something truly special in your life!  3...2...1...

"Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning;  for I trust in you; teach me the way I should walk; for to you I lift up my soul." 

Psalm 143:8