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Right Now!
August 10, 2015, 10:17 AM

When we hear (or read) the words “act now” many of us are put off by them.  We tend to ignore, delay, or procrastinate because, we will act when when we are good and ready.  

But when God calls us to action it is important that we respond in obedience immediately or we may miss an opportunity for ministry, an opportunity to be used and an opportunity both to be blessed and be a blessing.

Most Christians struggle not with whether they should obey God or nor, but rather many struggle with obeying immediately.  

 This is illustrated in Matthew 8:21

“And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, first let suffer me first to go and bury my father.”

Jesus had apparently called this man to be a devoted follower, but this man asked for time to take care of some other responsibilities first.  

Jewish tradition at this time taught that a person should take care of their elderly parents until they died.  It was a noble cause this man was asking time to complete.  Many times in the Christian life we are distracted and sidetracked from the call of God on our life by good, decent things.  Although there are many times we make excuses to delay our obedience, there are times when we simply pace other noble things before the cause of Christ.

Nothing should ever come before the call of Christ on your life.  If God calls you to a task you can rest assured he will take care of the other “noble things” that we feel responsible for.

An  opportunity to walk and work with God is one that should never be put off to another day.  

It is critical that we adjust our lives to match the plans of God, instead of trying to adjust the will of God to fit our lives and our schedule.  

God delights in blessing his children, and true blessing of God can only come when we walk in obedience.  The greatest blessing comes when we quickly respond in obedience to doing what He has called us to.  

When you say no to self and yes to God you will find it is the greatest and most rewarding time you will ever experience.

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