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So You Think You Have Blown It?
April 24, 2017, 10:50 AM

She had an affair while her husband was out on the battlefield defending the country.  Then her lover, after he failed to manipulate her husband in covering up the affair, plotted to have her husband killed, and succeeded.  Because of their sin, God caused  their illegitimate child to die.  For the rest of time her name was attached to one of the most disgraceful chapters in Israel’s long history.  Her name was Bathsheba, and for many people she represents illicit temptation, unfaithfulness, and sin.  No, she did not commit the act alone.  But her name has been reviled through the years since.  Think about it; throughout the years since her time, there have been as many girls named after Jezebel and Delilah as there are Bathsheba’s.  


In the Gospel of Matthew in the first chapter, you will find the genealogy of Christ.  Most people skip over the genealogies when they are reading the Bible, but pay close attention to Matthew 1:6 because you will find her name listed in the line of Christ.  

“Jesse was father of David the king.  David was the father of Solomon by Bathsheba who had been the wife of Uriah.”

Can you imagine the shock and surprise of early readers of the book of Matthew must have been to find her name listed prominently in the line of the Messiah?!?

Perhaps you live a life with a secret or not so secret past of wrong choices and indiscretions.  Perhaps you think that your past precludes you from being used for God’s purposes or even loved by God himself.   Perhaps, you are a believer, but deep down inside you think that you are somehow a second rate Christian.

Maybe you think that the promises of God’s love don’t apply to people like you. That somehow you have blown it, and don’t deserve to be loved by God or at the very least used by God for His will and purposes.  

This verse and genealogy proves that you are wrong.  

It does prove that God keeps His promises.  God had promised David that the Messiah would come from the family of David. (II Samuel 7:12)  The promise was made to David before David had committed adultery with Bathsheba. (II Samuel 11) God had made an unbreakable covenant with David, and even David’s despicable act of adultery, deceit, and murder could not break that promise.  

But God could have kept the promise to David without including Bathsheba.  Why?   Because sin is the story.  The no-so-subtle message of Matthew is that Jesus didn’t come from those who are self-righteous but from those who lives are stained with sin.  

This is what makes the concept of grace so radical and surprising! The Gospel doesn’t invite good people to do better; it invites broken, flawed sinners to throw themselves upon the mercy of Christ.  Surrender to Christ, the Messiah who came from a family with a checkered past.  

Why did God use a child from David and Bathsheba?  Because God delights in using anyone who is repentant from sin.  David (and Bathsheba) are on record as repenting and confessing of their sin and begging God to be merciful.  

God’s grace was for repentant sinners like David and Bathsheba then, and God’s grace is for repentant sinners like you and me today.  

Grace allowed the sins of David and Bathsheba and grace allows for your sins to be paid for and for you to be restored to a place of love and usability to God just as if you had not sinned.  

Our sins might be different than that of David and Bathsheba, but we all need the same grace.  And it is available to all who will turn to a loving Christ that loves you no matter what you have ever done.  


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