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Sunday's Sermon Summed Up

March 30, 2015, 12:27 PM

It was a great blessing to be able to preach again Sunday.  God blessed as we shared from God’s Word in Joshua 14:6-15

God’s promises of blessing for you are far greater than you can possibly imagine for yourself.  He has a mountain of blessing and vision for you.  What God has in store for you is worth dreaming about, seeking and trusting God for. If we are to take possession of God’s promises for our life, like Caleb we must do the following

1.  Put down the excuses!  Caleb was 85 years old and had been waiting for 45 years to see the promises of God fulfilled for His life, yet He had not given up despite his advanced age nor despite the difficulty of the task.  He had faith that endured that God would be able to fulfill the promises and give him the strength and ability necessary.

2.  Put away Sin!  6 times in scripture it says that - Caleb followed fully after the Lord God.  If we are to see God’s mountain of promise fulfilled in our lives we must follow him fully, completely and patiently.   We cannot expect God to bless our lives when we refuse to be obedient and walk with Him daily.

3.  Pick up the Vision!  Dream about what God wants for you.  Dream big.  Remind God of His promises for you. Caleb had a vision and passion for the promises because they had been in His heart.  He had Seen the promise, he had tasted the promise and been to the promised land.  If we never dream of What God has for us we will never have a passion for what God has for us.  

God has made promises for you in His word.  We are not speaking of promises of money, riches, fame our even health, but promises of a Heaven, eternal life, a vibrant relationship with a living God and Savior.  Yes, He may grant you possessions and things in this life, but greater still is the life we have in Jesus Christ.  May he be our desire and our promise and may we seek What He wants for our lives. 

If we practice these three keys, we like Caleb can say “I want that mountain, give me my mountain!”