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The Coming of the End - Matthew 24

March 24, 2020, 10:00 AM

This past Sunday I shared a powerful message from Matthew 24, that focused on “Road signs on the Road to End of the World. 


I want to share the gist of that message with you here.  In black and white so that you can read it for yourself. 


While I was not, and am not claiming to know the date when the Lord will return to rapture His church, (no one does but God the Father in Heaven) and realize that since I have been a child I have been hearing that Christ is coming soon; I also know that the signs of the end times coming more and more prominently and frequently and therefore believe He is coming soon.  


I admit, I don’t know what “soon” might mean.  After all The Apostles believed He was coming soon, maybe in their lifetime.  Others since have thought and taught He was coming soon, perhaps in their lifetime.  When WWI happened, I know that many thought that was the war to end all wars, and that the world was ending soon.  When WWII happened, along with the lead up and slaughter of Jews, people thought that surely Jesus was coming soon.  


What I do know is, I know that He is coming.  I know that there is nothing else prophetically that has to happen before He comes to rapture the church.  Their are no signs or wonders He is waiting for. 


I also know that when you see road signs of a location appear more frequently, and prominently, you can rest assured that you are getting closer to that location.  


Now remember...When you first see Christmas decorations at the mall, that does not mean that it is Christmas time.  When you first see Christmas decorations at the Mall, Target, Walmart, etc. it probably means it is almost Halloween, but it also means that Christmas is coming. 


With that in mind, allow me to give you some road signs that we are seeing along this road of mankind and the world we live in.  


Read Matthew 24 to see most of these mentioned as markers. A few of these I did not have time to mention in my message Sunday, so if you heard that message take note, because here is more evidence.  


  1. People claiming to be Christ and false teachers - In my own life I can remember hearing about Jim Jones, and his followers drinking poisoned Kool-aid.  I remember David Koresh and his followers in Waco Texas.  They both claimed to be Jesus Christ, and there are literally dozens of others I have heard make the same claim.  As for false teachers...without naming names, you don’t have to look far to find so called church’s that do not hold to preaching the Gospel, but distort it and twist it to fit their agenda and grow their crowds.  Politically correct church’s, social gospel church’s, political church’s, and just false church’s.  


  1. The Slaughter of Believers of Christ - While this has been going on since the time of Christ and before, we certainly have seen a lack of tolerance for Christians and outright attack on them in many countries.  In the Middle East and Africa the murder of Christians is celebrated and promoted.


  1. People Being offended - Every where we turn we find someone being offended over something someone said or did.  It has become so bad that when we can’t find anything that someone has done to us to offend us, we become offended over what someone did or said to someone else.  


  1. A love for others that has grown cold - Empathy, and true compassion are are dying in our world.  Oh sure people sometimes care if by saying something or doing something they can make themselves look better or someone else worse...but true selfless love is rare and getting ....rarer.


  1. The Earth being in turmoil - Think Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Fires, etc.  Scientists claim this is because of global warming. I don’t know if that is true or not, but if it is God can use global warming to carry out His promises.
    1. Tornadoes in Nashville
    2. Earthquakes in Salt Lake City - All though there is a fault under the city they say that there has not been an earthquake there in over 1500 years. Scientists say that earthquakes are going to increase in number and in strength as the rotation of the earth on it’s axis is slowing down.  - The Bible says there will be earthquakes in all kinds of places. 
    3. Fires from lack of rain in: California and Australia to name the most recent and prominent.
    4. Hurricanes are increasing in number, size, strength, and duration.  
  2. Pestilence - Disease and sickness:  We are currently under the strain of the Coronavirus pandemic.  A mind blowing statistic to me is this:  Since the birth of Christ through the end of the 19th century (1900 AD) there were 11 pandemics. In the last 101 years (1919 - present day) there have been 9 pandemics, with 5 of those in the last 20 years. Despite medical advances, we are seeing an increase in cancers and other diseases across the globe.  Some diseases we thought were extinct have risen again in prominence.  This is not even mentioning, mental disorders and disease, addictions and depencies, and increases in asthma, allergies, Autism, etc. 
  3. Increase in Activity around Israel - Before the end, Isreal will again rise to prominence.  We have seen that in my lifetime, as well as hatred and pressure against Israel again to rise.  There is more talk than ever about peace deals being brokered with Israel.  The signal to begin the Tribulation period will be a peace treaty signed with Israel. 
  4. The Temple being rebuilt and restored in Jerusalem - as part of the peace deal Jerusalem will have the temple rebuilt and Jews will once again be free to worship there.  The furniture for the temple is already constructed and ready to be moved in.  
  5. The Reunification of the Roman Empire - For some time now we have seen Europe being unified more and more with socialism and the concept of a central government, and central religion.  We are witnessing all these things, along with the Euro to centralize and standardize currency.  
  6. The rise of a power to the north and a 200,000,000 army from the East - Russia may be the power from the north and they certainly are growing in strength and influence.  China and India are bursting with population growth.  When John wrote about a 200,000,000 man army crossing the Euphrates, people scoffed because there were not even that many people on the earth.  But now these things are becoming possibilities.  
  7. The Bible speaks about the Lord allowing people to believe a great delusion/lie - we may often wondered how this can take place in the past, and certainly God can allow it miraculously.  But, do we wonder any longer when we watch people swallowing whole the lies of the media and those propagated in social media?
  8. A person will rise seemingly out of nowhere to take power - The world is ripe for someone to rise to the surface, that can provide answers and solutions for the world in the light of Coronavirus and disease, economic hardship, political unrest, wars and rumors of wars, famine, etc.  If someone is perceived as having answers and able to unite politically fractured peoples, he will be thrust into power.  This person will be the Anti-Christ.  


I realize this post was somewhat long with a lot of information.  But I hope that you will see the coming of the end of the road.  While we do not know exactly how or when it will take place, we see the road signs increasing in number and prominence.  The stage is set.  It only has to be served up in God’s time. 


While this is frightening if you are not ready for the end to come, it is also a light at the end of the tunnel if you know Christ and are prepared to meet Him!


May this information serve to motivate us to action, turning to Christ and telling others about Christ so they too can be saved and serve until the end. 


The end is coming...even so come Lord Jesus.