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The Key to Avoiding “Asking Amiss”

April 24, 2019, 2:00 PM

I have never met any Christian who does not want to be blessed.  

Even people that would consider themselves skeptical believers, or even non-believers, would certainly welcome a blessing from God.

We pray for God to bless us.

We pray for God to bless America.

We often ask for others to be blessed.  

We even wish others to have a blessed day.

Everybody desires to receive a blessing.  I have yet to meet the person who desires to be cursed, neglected or be left out of a blessing.

Yet the Bible speaks of blessings and cursing.  Of God’s charitable and gracious hand, as well as his righteous hand and hand of judgment.  

Believers often become confuses as to why their lives are not blessed, and non-believes are increasingly skeptical when our requests for a blessing are to granted.  

Most of us are aware of the verse in scripture found in James 4:2-3

“ have not because ye ask not.  Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”

If you are like me you have been told that this verse teaches us that not only should we ask for what we want, but we must ask for the right things, we must ask in Jesus name,  and ask for things that are in God’s will for us.  It is then that God will grant the desires of our heart.  However we must be careful not to “Ask Amiss”, which means asking for the wrong things, because then we will not receive them, and then we will become frustrated, confused and disheartened.  

The difficult and confusing part of asking then, is the knowing of God’s will and asking accordingly.  How do we know if it is God’s will, or do we just pray, “God, if it is your will...” and see if he answers?  Perhaps not knowing the answer to what God’s will is, is the reason that we don’t ask at all?


What If I told you that the “Asking Amiss” has more to do with your spiritual condition and position than it does with what we are asking for?

What If I told you that to “Ask Amiss” has more to do with where you ask from than it does what you are asking for?

We must ask from a spiritual position and condition of one that is walking daily in the Word, and in prayer.  We must ask from a spiritual place of one who is “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”  We must ask from the position of a clean and repentant heart or He will not hear us to begin with.  

When we have repented and confessed our daily sin, and our heart is clean and clear, while we walk with Him daily through the reading of the word, prayer and obedience to his will, then we will know what to ask and when to ask.  Then we will not ask amiss, and God will grant us we need because He delights in blessing us and granting the desires of our hearts...because they are attuned to His.  

If we want to be blessed, we must move to a position that is blessable.

If we want America, our families, our friends, or our church to be blessed...then each must move to the place of blessing...the will of God!

If we understand that avoiding “Asking Amiss” has more to do with our spiritual condition, and spiritual position than it does with our requisition...

Then we will see God pour out a blessing unlike any we have seen before!