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The Miracle Path that Led to a Miraculous Birth

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Delivered By
Pastor Jonathan McGary
Delivered On
December 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Lifeline Bible Study

In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth in Genesis chapter 1.  

And before the Beginning God knew that the Crown of His creation (Man) would fall in sin and require Redemption.  

Before the Beginning God had a plan for that redemption, and that redemption was the future birth of God in Man’s form namely Jesus Christ.  And that Jesus would needs lay down his life as the perfect blood sacrifice to pay for the pardon of Sin for all who would believe by faith and Turn in Repentance to a loving, forgiving, redeeming, God.  

Since the beginning (specifically Genesis chapter 2) Satan has been trying to prevent and destroy God’s plans

Some Scholars believe Lucifer/Satan fell between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 - there seem to be a pause - Lucifer became aware of God’s plan for creation and rebelled

Others, including me, believe that Lucifer fell after the Creation of Man in Genesis chapter 1: realizing the significant and special relationship that God had with Mankind seeing how Man was made in God’s image and God fellowshipped with him. 

No matter when he actually fell, Lucifer has been trying to subvert the plan of God ever since chapter 3 when he tempted Adam and Eve to sin and they fell into sin by disobeying God.

While God Knew of Satan’s betrayal, the temptation of man, and the succumbing to temptation of Adam and Eve before He He created the Heavens and the earth:

God’s plan of Salvation begins to be spelled out in 

Genesis 3:15. The Serpent will bruise the heel of the woman’s’ s descendant, but he would crush the head of the serpent.  

Ever since that time - Satan has been fighting for his own survival and the prevention or destruction of the promised Savior.  

So begins a miraculous path of divine providential protection of the line of Christ, through God’s people all the way to the birth of the promised Savior and even to the cross.