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The Testimony of Faith Living

November 11, 2015, 1:30 PM

Faith is the carriage on which one receives the grace of God (His gift of eternal life) which is pulled by the saving work of Jesus Christ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.

As Christians and Bible believing followers of God live by faith not sight. 

“For we walk by faith, not sight” II Corinthians 5:7

But living by faith is never easy especially in the light of all that we see going on in the world today.  It seems there is so much pain, suffering and anguish.  Turn on your news and you hear of very little other than hate, as seen in crime, murder, wars, and all kinds of evil.  Racism, bigotry, 

Being a Christian certainly does not recuse you from facing hardships such as these.  The Bible even promises that His people will face all kinds of trouble.  

Living by faith in the face of trials, tribulations and suffering is never easy.  But if we are to leave a testimony of faith so that others may be able to see the light of God in our lives, our living by faith will be three fold:

1.  A person with a testimony of faith will follow Jesus despite knowing that trials, suffering, and pain may be right around the corner.

Be aware troubles are coming.  Be aware and walk close to Jesus for He is our safety and refugee.


2.  A person with a testimony of faith will follow Jesus even in the middle of their trial, suffering, and pain.  

In the middle of your trouble call on Jesus He is  your only hope and He will deliver you.  Stick close to Jesus and allow Him to carry you and your heavy load.


3.  A person with a testimony of faith will keep on following Jesus even when God has brought them out of the trial, suffering and pain that they had faced.

After a period of trouble is over, it is easy to become relaxed and complacent and trust in ourselves.  But by faith we will keep on walking with God even when life does not seem to be dire.  Most will call out to Jesus in a storm, but those that walk by faith will call out to Him and walk with Him in the calm.  

Keep on for and with Jesus!  Leave a Godly testimony for others of Godly Faith!