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Things to Think About #2 - Psalm 98:1

August 9, 2019, 11:14 AM

Psalm 98:1 is a wonderful Psalm of praise to God for his mercy and Grace.  Psalm 98:1 begins this praise.  As your read this Psalm, ask yourself these questions.


1.  God is doing marvelous works all around us.  He has done them in the past, in the present, and He will in the future.  Think about this:  What have you noticed God doing around you that is miraculous?

2.  Although God is the one who has done great things all around us, we often miss attributing those wonderful things to God.  We often chalk them up to happenstance, random, or even take credit for those things ourselves.  Are you giving God credit for the wonderful things that He is doing around you and in you?

3.  Are the conversations and prayers you have with God the same all the time?  Or are you allowing him to change your conversation with Him based on what He is doing in your life?