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Think About This #4 - Matthew 26:14-15

August 28, 2019, 1:18 PM

Think about this...

For 30 pieces of silver, Judas (one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ) gave up those that he proclaimed to love, and that which he professed to believe.  

After over 3 years of following Jesus every day, Judas was beginning to learn that Jesus was not going to set up His kingdom on the earth at that time.  Perhaps Judas was tempted to believe that by betraying Jesus, he (Judas) was going to achieve his own agenda, and that which was really important to him.  

But in the end it cost Judas everything.  It cost him those that he loved, it cost him his dignity, it cost him his life, and it cost him his soul. 

1.  What is your cost?  What is your price?  What would it take for you to give up those that you proclaim to love or that which you claim to believe?

2.  What is the devil promised you,  to tempt you to give up what you profess to hold dear?

Whatever the price or promise is, rest assured the Devil is a cunning liar and cannot be believed.  

Also ask yourself this...

3.  What is it going to cost you to surrender to that temptation?

The answer just might be everything.  Just as it was for Judas.