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Time to Take a Personal Inventory!

December 27, 2014, 10:00 AM

As the festivities that surround the Holiday season and the year come to a halt, we often find ourselves with time to take in all that has taken place.  Not just the wonderful time of family, friends and Christmas bills, but it is also a time that we take inventory of the whole year.

Individually as we look back over the past year, we will see the ups and downs; the good times and bad; laughter and tears; joy and pain; successes and failures.  

Certainly as you look back you will find more of one category of memories than the others.  But, no matter what has taken place over the past year I want to encourage you in three things:

1.  All things work together for good.  No matter whether you see or understand it or not.  But we must remember the last part of that verse of scripture, it works together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purposes and will.  If you love the Lord, you know that His ways are ultimately for your betterment and growth spiritually.  Trust Him!

2.  Finish well!  As we finish out the year of 2014 following the Christmas holiday, we tend to coast until the end.  We are tired, the year is almost over and we just want it to be done.  Let me encourage you to finish strong.  Don’t let the devil and temptation slip in while your guard is down.  Finish the race of this year and build momentum going into 2015 trusting for all that is to come.

3.  Count your blessings!  While this old saying and verse from our youth can seem to be cliche, one thing I can speak personally to is that if you are a child of God, your heavenly Father delights in showering you with blessings.  Look around, take inventory and count them and thank Him for them.  It may surprise you that when you do, you find that you have little time to count the things that we don’t consider to be a blessing at the moment.  If you are not yet a child of God, allow Him to open your eyes to the open arms of love that are waiting for you if you accept the gift of His work on the cross through Jesus Christ.  That in itself is the biggest blessing any of us could have.  

As you finish this year, prepare for the next.  Thank God for each day he gives you. Remember you are loved  and love much, laugh often, give generously and follow your leader Jesus Christ.  Take inventory and realize all you have to be thankful for.

Finally, As the Christmas season ends, remember to never stop celebrating the gift of Jesus Christ.