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Useless Worship and Worthless Fires.
May 10, 2017, 2:06 PM

“’Oh that there were one among you who would shut the gates, that you might not uselessly kindle fire on My altar! I am not pleased with you,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘nor will I accept an offering from you.'” Malachi 1:10

Church attenders are often more interested in the style of worship than the substance of the worship. If we the worship service is energetic, entertaining, and ends in an emotional high with people visibly responsive,  we are prone to consider it a successful worship service.  

But, God is far more interested with the substance in worship over the style of worship.  God is also far more interested in the consistent heartfelt worship of consistent obedience throughout the week than He is of an our of passionate energy on one particular day.  

In Malachi 1, God says that he would rather we close the doors to the church, and not attend than to worship with sin in our hearts and lives!  That is a bold statement.  

Church has become an offering of convenience in the American church today.  We show up for church when we want to.   We give tithes and offerings, when it is affordable.  We praise if we have the energy left to praise after we have done everything else we have wanted to do leading up to the church service.  Then we do go to church, many often feel they have done their duty for the week and can get back to what they really want to do with the rest of their day and week. 

God is not satisfied with a relationship of convenience.  He is not satisfied with part of your life or a portion of your heart.  He deserves, and demands it all.  

God loves us regardless of anything.  It is a perfect love that can never change. He never loves us less or more based on what we do, or don’t do.  His love for us is eternal.  

If you were to rate God’s love for you, it would always be a 10!  

But, if you were to rate How pleased God is with you, what would it be?

Pleasing God is all or nothing.  

So how can we keep from lighting useless fires in worship?  By giving Him 100% first.  Give Him 100% of your heart.  Give Him 100% of your energy.  Give Him 100% of your heart.  Consistently walk with Him all week.  Spend time in His word and in prayer.  Prepare for worship by worshipping him always.  Prepare you heart by asking Him to prepare you heart for worship and allowing Him to prepare your heart for worship.  Ask Him to show examine your life and show you anything that might be preventing you from giving Him your all.  

Then what will happen?  Well don’t be surprised if you have a battle on the way to church.  Don’t be surprised if satan does not try to throw something in your way to prevent you from going to worship at church.  But, keep your cool and resist the devil and He will flee from you.  

Go all in with God and great things will happen.  God will be glorified and He will be glorified in you, if you will give Him all that you have. 

Close the doors on the distractions of the world and God will throw open the doors of blessing on you.   

Let your Worship be Worthwhile and Your Fires of Offering and Sacrifice burn bright for God's Glory!

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