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What I have Noticed Ch. 10: A Needed Change in Perspective

May 5, 2020, 7:13 PM

Hey Y’all Jonathan McGary here with Pleasant Hill

And this is another edition of:  What I have Noticed.


We have certainly been through some things in the year 2020

Tornados, Earthquakes, wild fires, political unrest, civil unrest, Covid-19 and the latest humdinger of a news event:  Giant Murder Hornets are now invading North America!


Now, I know that there is real trouble and hardship:  People are sick and dying, the economy is in trouble and jobs have been lost, There are people who don’t know how they are going to provide and survive another day.  


And do you know what I have noticed?

God is trying to get our attention and wants to change our perspective. 


God has given us the gift of time:  Time with out families, Time to rest, time to reflect on what is really important 


God has given us opportunity:  The Opportunity to see who God will act, deliver, and rescue us in our time of need.  


God has given us Grace:  God has given us the strength to survive and persevere till now...and He is not about to give up on you at this point.  


But there are some of us, and even most of us at one time or another, that are missing What God is doing and we need to allow Him to shift the focus of our gaze and adjust the scope of our perspective.  


But many times, we miss what God is doing...either we don’t believe in Him, or we don’t believe He is good, or we are too busy to see just how good God is 


I want to share a story that I heard about Psalm 34:


There once was a little simple country church with simple country people.  

One day a man who was a well known professor at the college in the nearby city came into their church.  

Now this professor was well known to be an aggressive anti church, anti Christian, and anti-God.  The professor walked in during the middle of their church service and sat down in the middle of their sanctuary...

In the middle of the preacher’s sermon..the professor stood up and shouted for all to hear...

There is no god, your faith is fake, the Bible is a lie, and if there is a God, He does not care anything about you, and I dare anyone to stand up and debate me.  

Well no one stood up, because they knew of this professor’s reputation to belittle and embarrass anyone who dared disagree with him. 

So the professor said...I am going to come back in one month, and if there is no one willing to debate me then I will know that you are all fake.  And with that He stormed off.

A month later, the little church was full as people in the community had heard of what had happened and they had shown up to see what would take place and if anyone would dare oppose this professor. 

The professor walked angrily in and brazenly marched down to the pulpit and up on the stage and began challenging anyone to come up and debate him.

For what seemed like a long time no one moved...until one gnarled old man stood up and began to limp down the aisle toward the stage.

The Professor began to taunt the dare he think he could win a debate with against the vaunted and pious professor.  

As the professor hurled insults the old man never said a word as he continued to hobble down the aisle and as he climbed up on the stage he pulled an orange from his pocket.  

The professor enraged by the audacity of this old timer to think he could win a debate with him became louder and more red faced by the second as he continued to taunt the old man.  

The old man remained silent but began to slowly peel his orange.  

Despite the constant barrage of angry insults from the professor the old man finished peeling the orange and then began to slowly eat it section by section.

When He had finished, he wiped his sticky hands on his shirt, rubbed them together and then held his finger up to his lips.

the professor who had by this time been screaming at the man angrily questioning why the old man could ever think he could offer anything worth while grew silent as the hunched old man began to speak

The Old man said:  You have been doing a lot of yelling, and screaming, and asking angry question...but let me ask you a question...

that orange that I just ate...was it sweet or was it bitter?

The now beet red professor, sputtered and stammered...was it sweet or was it bitter?  How would I know...I did not taste the orange.


Ahhh the old man said...and that is why you do not believe in have never tasted His goodness.


Psalm 34:8 Says...

“Oh taste and see the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in Him”


Have you taken the time, the opportunity to taste of God’s goodness?

God Loves you, and sent His son to die on a cross in our place to pay our debt to prove that He loves us....

He demonstrates many times, in many ways His love and goodness to us...


Won’t you take the time to allow God the opportunity to open up your eyes to his goodness, and allow Him to change your perspective on all that He is doing for you.


I pray that you will notice what I have noticed.

I pray that as you do you will taste and see God is good, and experience His blessings. 


until the next time, I hope that you will remember, I love you...more importantly God loves you

Turn your eyes upon Him.