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What I Have Noticed ch. 11: Dealing with Our Fears

May 9, 2020, 2:53 PM


Hey Y’all Jonathan McGary here, with Pleasant Hill Baptist

And this is another episode of What I Have Noticed.  


I was riding my bicycle around the neighborhood today, and was flying down a big hill and around a curve, when a neighbor stopped me as I was climbing the next hill and said to me:


Aren’t you afraid you might hit an acorn, or a dog or squirrel might run out in front of you and cause you to could kill yourself going that fast.


And do you know what I noticed?

Many people live their entire lives in fear.


Granted their are a lot of things that might cause us to fear.  

Real things, legit things, and fake things.  

Whether it be the Coronavirus, or Asian Murder hornets

Natural disasters and man made disasters.

Politics, politicians, the currently elected or those who might be elected. 

Wars, violence, sickness, disease, pandemic etc.  

Financial crisis, marital crisis, family crisis, or legal crisis.  

There are any number of things that can cause fear, anxiety, and worry.

It seems every time we turn on the news we are being told of something new to be worried about. 

Fear might grip us over what might happen to us personally, or perhaps worse yet, what might happen to a spouse, a parent, or worst of all your own child.  


But when I read my Bible do you know what I notice?


We are told over and over again...not to fear.  Not to worry, not to be anxious. 


You might be thinking, but I am human, how can I help but worry and be fearful?


That is a good question and it brings me to something else I have noticed.

The Bible doesn’t just say don’t be afraid...The Bible gives me reasons why I don’t have to be controlled by my fear.

God is in control. God is always in control and there is nothing outside of his control.  Nothing is going to happen to me that God does not allow according to his will. Remember, Satan could not touch anything in Job’s life without God permitting it, and even then the extent of his touch was limited by God’s power.  


But there are times when God allows difficulty to come into your life.  


When that happens you need to remember reason number two that we don’t have to be afraid.   God is Greater, God is bigger, God is Gianter than your fears.  Nothing is bigger or mightier than God so we can look to Him and trust him.  


He sometimes allows things to come into your life to increase your faith and to draw you closer to him, and when we call on Him, he can say as he did to the storm on the sea of Galilea - Peace be still and bring an end to the storm,.  


Another reason we don’t have to be afraid even in the face of our fears, is that God will never leave us, and certainly will not leave us in the middle of our battles. 


But we are human and we often fall short of where we need to be, and when we give into fear, the Bible tells us what to do next.  


Call on God, look to Him, trust Him, run to him.  Tell him of your fear and struggle.

He is the Overcomer...and no matter what we face we can overcome it and have victory through Jesus Christ.  


The Last thing I want you to see that I have noticed.  

Is that when God gives you victory over your fears.  Don’t belittle others for theirs.  Instead Help them, strengthen them, encourage them, point them to the answer for their troubles...Jesus Christ

Isaiah 35:3-4 says this

Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.

Say to them that are of a fearful heart; be strong, fear not: behold your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense; He will come and save you.


I hope you will notice what I have noticed.

I Hope God will bless you and strengthen you to overcome your fears.


Until next time remember that I love you

More importantly remember that God loves you

Keep your eyes upon him.