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What I Have Noticed Chapter 4: My Weber Grill and the Christian Life

April 20, 2020, 8:41 PM

I was outside today taking a little time to do some deep spring cleaning on my grill, and do you know what I have noticed?

I have noticed that this grill is a lot like the Christian life.

I love this little Weber 2 burner gas grill.  I bought it just over 3 years ago in an End of season clearance sale, and I have used it a lot since that time.  I love this little grill!  

Now I have had other grills I thought I thought worked pretty well, and maybe even loved them for a time, but this grill is far better and I am far happier with this grill than I ever was with those.  

Just like the Christian life is far better and more joy filled than even the most enjoyable moments of life before following Christ.  Everything in life that I thought was working, enjoyable and worthwhile before Christ, dims in comparison to a life knowing Christ.  

Now in order for this grill to work efficiently and effectively, it needs to be cleaned regularly, which I try to do after every use.  The same is true of the Christian life. When we first come to Chist for Salvation we are forgiven for all sin, but in the course of life we do still sin, and fail.  Now, for our relationship with Christ to be right, efficient and effective, we must confess our failings, and agree with God about our shortcomings, and then thank Him for His constant love and forgiveness. 

But Here is what I have noticed TODAY...

Even though I try to remember to clean this grill after every use, sometimes I forget.  And even when I remember, over time, grease and gunk still build up on it.  

Most of it I don’t even see or notice, and some of it I just excuse or accept.  And so here I am taking the time to take it apart, so it can be cleaned thoroughly, and I am surprised to see just how dirty it really is.  

Similarly, in our Christian life, even though we might confess our faults and shortcomings often, we need, to take the time to allow the Lord to search our hearts, to take us apart piece by piece if you will, and see if there is any unconfessed or harbored sin that might be hindering the fullness of our relationship with Him.  

Oh yes, if we asked Christ by faith to save us, our sins are already forgiven….our eternal destiny with Him in heaven is secure.  Just like this grill has continued to work despite the gunk building up inside.  

AND Deep cleaning the grill is not what I call fun, and neither is it always “fun”to have God search out the deepest corners of my heart and mind, and remove things that are stubbornly sticking to my life.  


I know this grill will perform even better now that it has been scrubbed clean.

How much better will our Christian walk be, when our hearts are searched and Examined by our almighty Maker and God?

The Bible Says in Psalm 139:23-24:

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”


I pray these verses will become a prayer of your heart.  

I pray that you will live your Christian life and walk the Christian walk to the fullest as Christ guides and strengthens your life.

I also pray that you will notice what I have noticed.  

Until the next time, remember I love you, more importantly God loves you.

Keep Your Eyes upon Him!