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What is God Doing in You?
March 15, 2016, 1:49 PM

What is God in the process of doing in your life?  

What does God want to do in your life?

If you answer is “probably nothing” or “I don’t know,” then don’t you think you should check again and find out?

Whether you have invited God into your life or not, God is at work in your life.   Whether you believe in God or not, God is at work in your life.  God loves you too much to not be working in your life and in your heart.  God cares too much about you leave you to your self and the consequences of leaving you to your self.  God desires to know you and for you to know Him too much for Him not to work towards that end.  

Now, God will not force you to accept Him, believe in Him, or follow Him.  That is your choice.  He gives you a free will.  But that does not mean that He is not at work in you nor does it mean He is not working to get your attention.

Perhaps you believe and have have invited God into your life, and you even believe that God is at work in your life but you don’t believe what He is doing is anything significant, big or important.  Or perhaps you believe that your life is to insignificant for God to do anything in you.  

Either way, you could not be more wrong.  

God often speaks in a still small voice, but He never does anything that is small or insignificant.  Everything God does is necessary and important for both now and the future.  God made you, and He made you in His image.  He made you for a reason and a purpose.  He has big plans for you big His love for you is big.    God’s love for you is endless and His power is infinite.  He could do anything He wants but He wants to do it in and through you.  

Understand that You are important to the God of all God’s and King of all kings! 

Now, let me ask again…What is it God is in the process of doing in you?  

Don’t you think it is time to ask Him and find out?

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