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What is it that You Get Excited About?

November 18, 2015, 12:30 PM

What is it that gets you excited and makes you want to cheer, cry, or laugh?

What is it that really moves you, motivates you, or compels you to act?

Here in Clemson Tiger Football country, the success of Dabo Swinney, and the #1 nationally ranked Clemson Tigers is all the rage.  Flags are flying, Tiger Rag is playing, and Clemson Paws can be seen everywhere.  People are really excited! They tailgate, celebrate, and they pack the stadium to capacity with fans that can bring an ear deafening roar.  The national championship playoffs are coming and the Tigers are “All in” to win a championship.  Maybe it is not the Clemson Tigers, but another sports team where you live, and you are thrilled with exuberance every time they play, or your team is mentioned.

Maybe it is patriotic pride that moves you.  You are a red, white, and blue bleeding, American flag wearing American.  You are moved with emotion every time you hear the Star Spangled banner or God Bless America.  Maybe you served in our military, or maybe someone in your family did or does.  You love our God blessed United States and are moved with love for her.  You cringe when anyone talks against our great nation, complains about the direction she is going, and the divided nature of her population.  You know that life in America is not perfect, you see the problems but know that you are blessed to have been born here or even just live here.  You are filled with emotion when the topic of politics, terrorism, or God anyone ever mistreating the flag.

Or maybe it is family that moves you.  Parents you love.  A spouse you live for.  Children that you dream big dreams for.  You love to spend time with them, and God help anyone that would ever harm them.  You strive to be the best father, mother, sister or brother, son or daughter you could ever be.  You know that time with family is both shot and fleeting.  Time is precious and time is running out.  You know that you only have a limited amount of time to spend with family before the time is gone, and every moment is precious.  You are motivated to make the most of it.

Perhaps it is something else?  A job?  A home?  Hunting, camping, fishing or hiking?  Shopping, cars, or life on the water?  Everyone has something that they long for, look forward to and desire to be part of.  

None of these things are wrong to get excited about.  Without something to get excited and passionate about life would be dull as dirt!  Everyone needs something they get excited about.  Everybody has something they get excited about.  Something worth shouting about.  Something worth investing in financially and emotionally.

So why don’t we get excited about The Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Why don’t we get excited about the prospects of the Heaven?  Why don’t we get emotional about people who don’t know Christ and are on the way to Hell?  Why don’t we shout about the only truth that really matters when it is all said and done? 

Sports are great and a wonderful distraction from the realities of life.  Patriotism is wonderful and we should realize how blessed we are to live in this great nation.  Family is perhaps the most important entity on this planet.  We aught to be passionate about family.  Ultimately whatever it is that moves you on this earth will eventually pass.  It will end.  But The Gospel of Jesus Christ Endures forever.

Why don’t we get excited at church?  Why don’t we get excited about God’s word?  Why is it that we can get so excited about sports, or politics, or family, but we cannot get excited about Jesus Christ dying on a cross to save our souls and rose again proving victory over death, hell and sin?

Is it because we don’t see anything happening?  God is at work all the time doing miracles every day!  Just because you don’t see it or recognize it does not mean it is not happening.  

Is it because we have heard it so many times before?  Has it become common place.  Has “Jesus Loves Me This I know” become old to you and me?

That has to be it…unless…unless…that all that the Gospel is, all that church is, all that the Bible is…are stories.  Just stories.  

Have you heard it all before, so many times, that we see it as just a story?

I invite you to pray that God would enliven your heart for the first time, or once again.  I pray that your prayer is that God would give you a child like heart, so that once again you can be excited by the WORDS of God.  So that our church services can once again be exciting and fresh.  So that our walk with him will be lively and active.  

So that we believe and believing we will shout about the Glory of God and how He lives!  We can celebrate how he is coming again!  We can be moved to follow Him and be part of the exciting things He is doing!

What is that gets you Excited?  Shouldn’t it be Jesus!