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When Jesus is out of Focus, life is out of focus!

March 7, 2018, 2:52 PM

Dear Christian,

I am a gun owner and staunch 2nd amendment advocate.  
However, I can’t help but wonder:  

Would the world be different if we, as Christians, had fought as vehemently against the Bible and prayer being removed from public schools, as we fight to defend our 2nd amendment rights?

What if we were as compassionate in loving our fellow man, and sharing the truth of God’s love and gift of forgiveness and salvation as we are compassionate about the right to bear arms?

What if spent as much time studying the Word of God as we do studying to prepare an argument for why the second amendment applies today for us to have AR-15’s, bump stocks and high capacity magazines?

What if we stood as strongly against the decaying understanding of the sanctify of life via the legalization of abortion, the push for legalization of physician assisted suicide, and euthanasia, as we stand for our rights to own firearms.

What if we said no to the violence portrayed in TV, movies, music, video games, etc as loudly as we say no to the anti-gun crowd crying for tighter, more restrictive gun laws?

What if our children/grandchildren in America/world meant as much to us as our own constitutionally given rights and we invested as much in them as we do in our own rights?

What if we were as quick to share in love the name of Jesus Christ and the gift of God given grace with others as we are quick to express our love of the NRA?

Make no mistake, I believe strongly in the second amendment.  I do not believe that more stringent gun control laws will have any impact to the good whatsoever in regards to mass shootings.  
I believe that I as an American have the right to bear arms for hunting, sport, and to defend myself, my family, and my home.
I believe the hate that has led to so much violence to be a heart problem, not a gun problem.  It is a sin problem and the only answer is Jesus Christ and the life changing power that comes in turning your life over to Him.

But I also think we have gotten our priorities mixed up.  
The Bible says Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, love your neighbor as yourself.  
I enjoy owning and shooting my guns.  Maybe if we have our priorities right in putting God first, loving others as ourselves and teaching others to love God and love others as themselves, we would not have as much of a need for guns to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our homes.

Maybe if we had been loving God and loving others as we should, we wouldn’t have had to be having this gun rights debate to begin with.

Would the world be different?  I can’t help but believe it would.  It maybe late as lives have been lost and friendships have been hurt.  But as God is still God, and their is still breath in our lungs, and a beating heart in our chest,  it is not too late until...until it is too late.  

The question is what will you change before it is too late.