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Why I Care.

January 30, 2017, 10:21 AM

I care about immigrants (legal and illegal) and refugees. 
I also care about the American Veteran and their needs.  
I care about the unborn baby, no matter how they were conceived.  I care about the mother of that unborn child no matter what decision they have made or are considering making in regards to the child that lives within their body.  
I care about black lives, blue lives and military lives.  
I care about those that practice a LGBTQ lifestyle.
I care about the Christian and the non-Christian.  
I care about the conservative and the liberal.  
I care about those that agree with me and my beliefs and those that don’t.  
I care for the rich and the poor and everyone in between.
I care for the greatest among us as well as I care for the least of these.
I care about the old and the young.
I care about the guilty and the innocent. 

I could suffice it to say that I care about everyone.  But I realize that it is not sufficient to say that.  
I don’t just care about the physical, mental and emotional needs which are temporary, but more importantly I care about the needs of their eternal soul.  
I don’t just care because it makes me feel good to care, or because it is politically correct or expedient for me to care. 
I care because God cares and God loves everyone just as much as God cares and loves me.   I care because Jesus cared enough about me to die on a cross for me.  He paid my price.  I can never pay Him back, but at least I can care.