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Work For the Night is Coming

April 18, 2016, 2:24 PM

The message is a simple one:  Those who are saved of God have not only been called to be saved but have also been called to do the work of God.  God uses the church to be the hands of and feet of Jesus.  We are to be emulating the Savior in our desire to do the work of God.  As  He said:

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." John 9:4

God is at work all around us, whether we can see Him at work or not.  He desires to involve us in His work.  He will call us to be part of what He is doing.  When we are in a loving close relationship with Him, we make ourselves useful and He will speak to us and call us according to His perfect plan and purpose. 

We must believe that God wants to speak to us, will speak to us, and that we can know that it is God speaking as well as understand what it is He is saying.  The saints of Bible times knew that God was speaking and what He wanted them to do, and today we can know the same. 

God can speak to us however He chooses, and He will speak to us personally.  However we must realize that: The fact that God DOES speak to us, is far more important than HOW He speaks to us.  The Holy Spirit will speak to our heart and usually speaks through His Word as we read it and hear it, but He can also often speak through the church, circumstances and others.  The key to knowing that it is God is that whatever we think The Holy Spirit is saying outside of the Word of God will always be confirmed in the Word of God.  

When God speaks to us, He calls us to be involved in doing the Work of God.  But we must always be aware that it is not what we can do for God that is important, it is rather what God can do through us that is critically important and lasting.  

We must find where God is at work and join Him in the Work that He is doing. 

But How do we find where God is at work?  That is an excellent question, I am glad you asked!

A daily relationship with God that is seeking Him with all your heart is how You will find God.  Prayer, reading your Bible are all part of that seeking, but while you are looking for where God is working, look for things that only God can do.  

Things only God can do:

 Draw people to Himself
 Cause people to seek Him or Seek the truth (looking for answers to life)
(John 6:44)
3.    Reveals all truth (John 14:15-17)
4.    Convicts the world of sin
5.    Convicts the world of righteousness
6.    Convicts the world of judgement
(John 16:8)

Only God can do these things.  When you someone who is asking questions or seeking answers about life or when you find someone to be under conviction, you can know that it is a God thing.  There is no reason to pray asking if it is God, you will know it is God. 

When God nudges your heart, and you see where God is at work, obey right away to His prompting.  There is no greater blessing on this earth than to be part of of what God is doing.

Make yourself available to God so that you can get involved in the work of God before night falls.